Healthcare in Turkey: What to Expect


Turkey has gone through many physical transformations in the past few decades and the same can be said their for their healthcare system. Since 2003, there has been a government-driven programme in place to improve the health care system dramatically, especially the state system. If you have bought property in Turkey and are considering settling down here then let the team here at Oceanwide Properties advice you on the type of healthcare you and your family can expect from the Turkish system:

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Public healthcare available to foreigners
The good news is that all ex-pats in Turkey can make full use of the public healthcare system. This is part of the country’s healthcare initiative to make high quality healthcare available to all. Provided foreigners and ex-pats are paying the regular social security contributions (which comes with employment and long-term residency in Turkey), then public healthcare systems will be accessible.

Excellent private healthcare
If you are used to the high standard of healthcare received in the UK or other major western countries, then you’ll probably prefer to go for Turkey’s private healthcare sector. There are huge waiting lists in the public healthcare facility in Turkey (but then, there is with the NHS in the UK too!). Private healthcare in Turkey is more affordable than its western equivalent. And because of this there is no reason why an illness or even a small emergency should spoil a holiday or longer stay at a property in Turkey.

Health insurance in Turkey
As of 2012, paying health insurance became compulsory for everyone who owned a Turkish residency permit (ie those planning on staying in the country for at least one year). There are, however, grounds for exemption. For instance, even if a foreigner lives in Turkey on a permanent basis, they may still retain a form of health insurance from their home country.

Comprehensive Cover
Let’s say you’ve given up your health insurance back home, or perhaps you never had health insurance in the first place. With Turkey’s Universal Health Insurance, you will receive comprehensive cover for emergencies, day-to-day medical attention, pregnancy benefits and even preventative healthcare. These medical services will be provided at public hospitals and all you need to do is be sure that your paperwork and social security contributions are up to date.

Most of us find comfort in knowing that our health will be looked after in case of illness or emergency. With Turkey’s transformation to professional healthcare and a fully functional public and private healthcare system, there is no need to be anxious about health and medical matters in Turkey. With your healthcare looked after, you’ll have more time to find that dream investment property in Turkey. Contact our estate agent in Fethiye for expert advice at Oceanwide Properties.



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