Helping The Community

helping the community

Helping The Community

If you like the idea of helping the community, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Local Charities

One popular choice is working with local charities, many of whom we at Oceanwide support. The main charities focus on children, animals, families in need and refugees. Many have local shops which you can volunteer at, donate to or, of course, buy from. You’ll also see many functions being organised to raise money. These range from weekly coffee mornings, bake sales and quizzes to big one off musical extravaganzas.

You’ll also quite often see pleas for individuals who have suffered misfortune such as fire or flooding. You can choose to get involved with collecting and delivering items, raising money or simply donate.

The Environment

There has recently been a big push to make people aware of the local environment and how to look after it. The biggest and most active English speaking group in this area is the ‘Keep Fethiye Clean’ group who host many events where people get together and clean up specific areas. This is a fantastic way to help the community, meet lots of like minded people and, of course, get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

If big group clean ups aren’t your thing then you can also ‘adopt an area’. All the information you need can be found on their Facebook page.

Race for Life

Fethiye’s Race for Life will be helping the community on Sunday 16th October 2022. Due to the pandemic the event has been pared down over the last couple of years but this year it will be bigger and better than ever. If you want to help raise money for local cancer sufferers or help buy equipment for hospitals, join the Race for Life Facebook page for details of how to take part. Alternatively you can donate and watch the event on the day which always guarantees a good turn out of people.

Fethiye Down Kafe

Last year the ‘Down Kafe’ opened on Fethiye prom. The main purpose of this wonderful cafe is to employee people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities to work alongside non-disabled people thereby helping the community. They also hold events that other disabled individuals can take part in. So, if you want to find an easy way to ‘do your bit’ why not pop in for a bite to eat. Not only will you get to meet some of the amazing individuals employed there but you can also watch the world go by and gaze out at the sea at the same time.

Of course, there are many other ways you can get involved with helping the community, these are just some of our favourites.

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