Hidden Gems – Cadianda (Kadyanda)


Should you purchase your dream home in Üzümlü, the wonderful hidden gem that is Cadianda is almost on your doorstep.

What Is Cadianda?

Cadianda, or Kadyanda, was a thriving small city of ancient Lycia and was inhabited up to the 7th century AD.

At the entrance you will find a large board giving you historical information about the site. Luckily for most of us, this information is in English as well as Turkish.

What Will You Find?

Around every corner you’ll find remains of baths, temples, cisterns, a stadium and much more.

The amphitheatre is the jewel in the crown and you can still easily walk the rows of seating and gaze down on the area that would have been the stage.

Like many cities, Cadianda was built at the top of a hill so you can also admire the fantastic views of the local area, including the coastline.

How To Get There

Cadianda, like Afkule Monastery, isn’t one of the usual tourist haunts so you will most likely get the place to yourself. The upside of this is that you feel as if you have discovered the place yourself.

Cadianda lies around 25km outside the town of Fethiye. There isn’t a dolmuş (bus) that goes all the way there although, if you enjoy hiking, you can catch the dolmuş to Üzümlü, or Yeşiluzümlü to give it its full name, then hike up to the ruins. Alternatively there is a road directly to the entrance if you wish to drive or get a taxi.

It only takes around thirty minutes to make your way round Cadianda, so you can always extend a visit to the area by having a stroll through the quaint Turkish village of Üzümlü and perhaps grab a drink or a bite to eat.

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