Hidden Gems – Kayakoy Ghost Village

kayakoy ghost village

Kayakoy Ghost Village isn’t really what you would call hidden. However, if your holiday or your new lifestyle is based around one of our beach resorts, you may not be familiar with it.

Kayakoy Ghost Village History

The Ghost Village has a fascinating history which is based around the 1923 population exchange between Greeks and Turks. Rumour has it that the newly arrived Turks were afraid to live in the village that had been deserted by the Greeks because they thought it may be cursed. In reality it was probably because, at that time, the village was very remote.

The village was also the backdrop for Louis De Bernieres’s novel ‘Birds Without Wings’. The novel tells the tragic love story of Philothei and Ibrahim as well as chronicling the rise of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who became known as the ‘Father of the Turkish Nation’. In the book the fictional village was called Eskibahçe.

All the roofs, windows and doors were removed in the 1950’s following a major earthquake. We are now left with a tumbledown, abandoned ghost village clinging to a hillside outside the modern village of Kayakoy.

You can still walk freely among the old homes and religious buildings. Perhaps follow one of the pathways up to a small church in kayaykoy ghost village and at the very summit the views will delight you. Many an hour can be spent trying to work out how the houses looked in their heyday.

Today’s Kayakoy

Of course, Kayakoy isn’t just about the Ghost Village. The modern Kayakoy has lots to offer including accommodation, bars and restaurants. However, the village has maintained its traditional feel and you can get lost for hours along its winding roads. Many of the villagers have maintained the traditional way of life. You’ll see families tending to their flocks, old women passing the day together and much more.

As well as the Ghost Village, Kayakoy is the gateway to Gemiler Beach and the stunning Afkule Monastery.

How To Get There

Kayakoy is very easy to get to via public transport. The local dolmuş (bus) runs from the centre of Fethiye and through Hisaronu before reaching it’s final destination. Just look for the Kayakoy sign on the front of the bus. The full journey takes around 25 minutes each way. The drivers will always point out the Ghost Village and you can also ask them to let you know when to get off.

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