Holiday Homes: Turkey Tourist Numbers Up


UK citizens and other foreign nationals who are wondering whether or not it would be profitable to invest in a Turkey property next year with the intention of renting it out as a holiday apartment, need concern themselves no longer.


That’s because if Turkey’s latest visitor numbers are anything to go by then the answer is a resounding “yes!” And the sooner the better, we suggest here at Oceanwide Properties.

Earlier this week Turkey’s Tourism Ministry reported a 9.95 per cent rise in tourists for the first 11 months of 2013, bringing the total number of visitors to Turkey this year to 33.47 million individuals. That’s a year on year rise of 4.7 per cent (ie compared to the same period last year). It’s also a jump of 23 million visitors over the past 11 years.

Turkey is commonly regarded as one of the world’s most popular tourist resorts however it does not benefit as highly from tourism income as some of the other popular tourist countries nearby due to the fact they offer all-inclusive packages.

Turkey Builds Biggest Airport in World

That may be about to change however, as the country prepares to build the largest airport in the world.  When complete, the new Istanbul Airport, which is to lie just 37 miles outside Istanbul, will make life even easier for millions of individuals planning to holiday in Turkey and is sure to boost the country’s tourism potential as a result. Airport bosses confidently predict that the brand new facility will be able to handle up to 150 million passengers every year.

The first planes to fly from the new airport are expected to become airborne in just under three years time (2017). Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan – who is not known for holding back his enthusiasm – is reported to have said that the new airport would “carry Turkey to a different level on the international stage.”

How to Go About Buying a Holiday Home in Turkey

If you’re keen on the potential of a holiday home investment in Turkey then here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we would be happy to discuss our latest portfolio with you – either in Turkey itself or our offices in London, whichever is more convenient.

Of course, we would advise that you absolutely do visit property in Turkey that you are keen on and our staff in Turkey can arrange for a tour.  In fact, we would suggest that it’s a good idea to come out to Turkey and holiday in the area you’re keen on investing in first to see the facilities and amenities on offer for yourself (and of course you’ll probably want to use the Turkey property to holiday in yourself and for friends and family). Holidaying in the area also provides you with an invaluable opportunity to assess other holiday homes run by ex-pats and the additional attractions they may offer.

You can find out more about Turkey as a tourist and holiday makers destination at our website


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