How to Deal with Culture Shock in Turkey


It doesn’t matter which country you come from, or where you decide to settle: adapting in a foreigner country is bound to be a bumpy ride at first.


For some, this is where the adventure lies. For others, it is a period that has to be seen through – because the end goal will be contentment. At Oceanwide Properties Turkey we have helped thousands of ex-pats adapt over the years and cultural shock is entirely normal. Here’s our recommendations for dealing with it:

What is Culture Shock?

Culture shock is brought about by the unfamiliar: new faces, new languages, new streets and new food. You’re feeling out of place, and that brings a sense of insecurity or anxiety. Culture shock is known to last for either a short time or even for an extended period – depending on your personality type and whether you’re actively seeking to combat it by meeting friendly faces. Culture shock is also essentially associated with cross-cultural interaction. Of course not everyone will experience bouts of culture shock, but it is definitely not uncommon.

Dealing with Culture Shock

If you’ve just landed in Turkey from the UK or even further afield and you are already missing the old familiar faces and locations of home, don’t despair.

Culture shock can hit as soon as the excitement of your foreign location has subsided. Be aware of the new culture around you and try to immerse yourself in it. Actively plan and take part in whatever is going on entertainment-wise and socially around you.

Of course, you always need to be vigilant about your own safety in a new country, but don’t let fears of the unknown keep you in your own safe environment. Read about your new country, location, culture and way of doing things. Keep an open mind and allow your new space to become more familiar.

Learn the Local Language

Nothing will get you accepted into local groups in your new country as attempting to learn the language.  There are many schools, workshops and languages classes in Turkey aimed specifically at foreigners looking to learn or improve their Turkish reading, writing and talking.

A New Routine

Whether you recently bought property in Turkey or are still renting on a part-time basis: settle in your new environment as soon as possible and create a routine that will work in your new setting. Locate your nearest grocery store, pharmacy, medical doctor, and entertainment facilities as soon as possible. If you are working in Turkey, get to know your colleagues and their routines – this will help you adapt and find yourself in a foreign country.

Whether you struggle with the challenges of a foreign country or strive to overcome this challenge, you’ll no doubt find that Turkey as a country is welcoming to foreigners across all age groups and disciplines. If you find yourself looking for property in Turkey, call on us here at Oceanwide Properties. Selling and letting property in Turkey is our speciality. We’re always on call to help you find the best deals on property for sale in Turkey.


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