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Selling your property in Turkey can be a daunting prospect, especially now, in today’s tough market. Many believe simply reducing the price will attract the investors. Yes, of course this helps – but there are many other ways to ensure your property stands out from the mass besides simply letting it go at a steal.

  1. property in TurkeyStand apart from the neighbours.  Aesthetics and first impressions are important. You want to make your property memorable. You want to leave an impression on the perspective buyer who is likely to view a number of similar properties that day. Tidy the house and garden up. If your wooden terrace needs a lick of paint, or a damp patch in the corner of a room needs attending to, sort it out. If you have a squeaky door hinge, oil it. If the garden is overgrown or your pool a frog filled shade of green, get it seen to. Walk around the home and try to be objective. Try and imagine what shortcomings you would pick up on as a buyer. There’s no need to go crazy with home improvements but do consider what touches are necessary to present the home in a clean and attractive manner. Buyers do look at details. People look for reasons not to buy a property – don’t give them any!
  2. Clean the clutter. This is imperative. No one wants to see your dirty laundry, an overflowing kitchen bin, the kids toys strewn across the floor, a junk room you can’t enter or an unmade bed. If you have clutter that can’t be binned, store it away neatly. If you have a storage room, dive in and have a good sort out. Get rid of what’s unnecessary and stack or cover all other bits allowing people to see the true scale of the rooms and how they could be used without your clutter. This step is not simply a quick tidy before a viewing, it’s vital to attract a buyer in the first place. Investors want to see a property that has been well maintained and cared for. If you are looking to attract your asking price, this step is important. Having spruced up the exterior and attended to the shortcomings, this step then prepares your property for the all important listing photos and inviting the buyer through the front door.
  3. property in TurkeyGood listing photos are vital. In today’s modern internet and media driven property market, good, clear and clutter free listing photos are vital. In most cases it is the images that attract initial interest and click through to your home. We have all heard the adage, “a photo speaks a thousand words”, how true this is. To sell your property, be it yourselves or via an agent, you need to market it correctly. Good agents use a variety of techniques to attract buyers. Oceanwide Properties advertise heavily online, in the press, on real estate portals as well as attending exhibitions and mailing our investor databases. But for this we need eye-catching photos. We need a clear, attractive exterior lead shot showing the property from the outside, ideally from the well kept garden or clean, people free pool. The photos need to paint a picture of what life at this property is like. Exterior shots should be taken on a clear day with blue skies. Garden photos should make the most out of any features like the pool, terraces, BBQ or seating areas.  There should be plenty of attractive interior images to entice that all important first enquiry. Agents tend to offer a variety of vendor marketing packages, some include photography. If this isn’t included in your agent deal, do take the time to stage and take decent shots yourself. Many people selling their property in Turkey don’t realise the importance of photos. Let’s put it this way – the investor that ends up buying your property will more than likely have been attracted initially by a photo.
  4. Price your property realistically. Price a property too high and it may sit on an agents books for ages. Price it to low, you may sell it quickly but will you be happy with the end result? Our advice is to analyse how soon you need to sell your property and then price it accordingly. Be realistic and be prepared to negotiate. Take a look at similar properties in your location. What have these sold for recently? What are they on the market for and how long have the vendors been looking to sell?  This will give you some indication on what price is realistic to expect for your property in Turkey. Do take into account the current market. At present, Turkey is a buyers market. Political troubles in Turkey are causing concern for some investors. They are more hesitant. Others think that they can bag a bargain given the recent spate of negative press and terror threats. There are still buyers out there, it’s just a matter of working that little bit harder to lure them through the door. If you are looking to sell your property in Turkey, please get in touch with Oceanwide Properties for a chat and a valuation.
  5. Employ a good agent. Real estate in Turkey is competitive industry and there are many agents out there. During the early days of selling property in Turkey, from around 1998 to 2007, supply couldn’t keep up with demand. Waiters, barbers, barmen and market traders all had properties or land to sell. Trustworthy and accredited agents were few and far between. The situation is now different. Although, as with every industry, there are the good and bad, estate agents do now have to abide by strict rules and regulations governing how they conduct business in Turkey. The key to selling your property in Turkey is finding an agent that knows the local market. One that will market the property correctly and work with you to price the property realistically, attract viewings and negotiate the eventual sale. Be sure to check that they are fully accredited, ask for references and a break down of how they intend to attract a buyer. See Oceanwide Properties Vendor Services.

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  • pete branson

    Our thoughts exactly,we have a villa in Kadicoy near Fethiye, it has always been our rural retreat for the last 10 years ,what more do we need to say,Turkish people and Turkey,are so loveley and friendly and a beautiful country. We do hope people see through this terrorist threat, and feel as safe as anywhere ,especially in Turkey.


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