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Istanbul is undoubtedly regarded as one of the world’s best shopping destinations. And no wonder. The city seems to collect designer stores by the day. Then there is those amazingly colourful markets. Entertainment-wise Istanbul is also pretty impressive and in fact it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing cities – thanks to its exciting location as a gate between the East and West. It’s about to become even more prominent with what is intended to become the world’s largest airline being built on the outskirts of the city – ensuring the rise of both commerce and tourism. Here’s a bit more about shopping in the city, courtesy of the Oceanwide Properties team:


Recognisable Names & Designer Stores Mix
The aforementioned influx of designer stores bodes well for furnishing a new Turkey property in particular. Designer stores are expensive, of course, but if your tastes – and budget – are more middle of the road then don’t worry; you’ll no doubt also find a Marks & Spencer, IKEA and Debenhams all within travelling distance of your location. Happily this does, of course, save you from all the stress of shipping items of furniture across from the UK in the first place.

Grocery Shopping
Turkey revels in fresh produce and delicious food – there are so many markets around selling colourful fresh fruit and veg on a daily basis. You’ll also find a selection of nuts and olives – and at different price ranges to suit all pockets. You can look forward to a bit of bartering and negotiating too, if that’s your scene. For basic household needs – such as cleaning supplies, toiletries etc – supermarket chains such as Migros, Carrefeur, Kipa, BIM, A101 and Sok can be found in the majority of Turkish cities, large towns and even some out-of-the-way villages.

Small Town Shopping
Turkey’s smaller towns are usually well-equipped for daily shopping in that most will have bakers, butchers, fruit shops etc. The majority of expats in Fethiye, we find here at Oceanwide Properties, have everything they need in the city centre shops and Paspatur Old Town. There are also excellent fruit and veg stalls in the town’s back streets and where you’re also guaranteed to find an impressive fish market. The larger supermarkets here tend to be more expensive than buying from a local small shop so it’s best to use them sparingly.

Avoiding the Tourist Trap
Like every country, Turkey’s tourist hotspots come with a price tag. Shops put up prices in line with demand (and tourists can be very demanding). Bargains can be found in back streets and little market stalls – especially if you have time on your hands and are prepared to negotiate.

Turkey is a fascinating and fun country in which to spend a sabbatical, holiday, or even a few months every year of your retirement. Istanbul is definitely worth visiting for its shopping alone. If you’re considering a move to Turkey and looking for property for sale in Fethiye or other coastal resorts then do get in touch with here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey in Fethiye, Side and Istanbul. We’ll be happy to show you round and offer you a selection of the best properties available today.


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