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The city of Istanbul has, of course, much to commend itself. There is the cosmopolitan atmosphere and orientation (there are plans for the world’s larest airport to be built nearby, after all), fantastic shopping, outstanding restaurants and clubs and, more especially beautiful historical attractions. The team here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey never, ever tire of visiting the city. And here is why:


Added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage buildings and locations back in 1985, the historic attractions of Istanbul include Topkapi Palace with its amazing displays of jewellery and fabrics, Galata Bridge, the beautifully-painted high ceilings of Hagia Sophia and Suleymainiye Mosque. The actual Historic Area of the city is comprised of four separate locales – The Suleymaniye Quarter, Zeyrek Quarter, Archaelogical Park and the zone of the Ramparts.

The Archaeological Park

Also referred to as Sultanahmet, the Archaeological Park sits at the top of the Bosphorous Peninsula and boasts the 6th century Hagia Sophia – the fourth biggest cathedral in the world and now a museum, the city’s iconic Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome of Constantine. Other ‘must sees’ in this area are the Topkapi Palace (one of the oldest and largest survivin palaces in the world) and the underground Basilica Cistern.

The Suleymaniye Quarter

Featuring the 4th century aqueduct of Valens, the Suleymaniye Quarter also plays host to the stunning Sinan-designed Suleymaniye and Sehzade Mosques.

Zeyrek Quarter

The big attraction in the Zeyrek Quarter is the 12th century former Byzantine Church of the Pantocrator and now called the Molla Zeyrek Mosque.

Zone of the Ramparts

The Ramparts refers to the walls in the area and which were built for Emperor Theodosius II, back in the year 413. If you have time pop in to the Kariye Museum in Chora too (formerly the Church of the Holy Saviour).

Other big historic attractions in Istanbul

  • Galata Tower. One of the oldest towers in the world, the medieval Galata Tower (which sits in the city’s Galata District) boasts a 360 degrees panorama with spectacular views across the city. The building, which was constructed in the year 507 CE and once called the Tower of Christ, today plays host to a popular restaurant and night club.
  • Spice Market. Not far from the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market dates back to the city’s 17th century. It’s open seven days a week and is the place in Istanbul to come for nuts, olives, turkish delight, dried fruits and, of course, spices.
  • Grand Bazaar. Boasting an incredible 5000 stalls and shops, the Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çarşi), dates back to the mid 1400s. Here the mesmerised tourist will find leather goods, ceramics, spices, fabrics, oils and other wonderous foreign goods.

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