Istanbul’s Innovative Solution for Strays


In Turkey you’ll notice that, from Istanbul to Izmir, there are lots of stray dogs around. The situation has improved in recent years and the country as a whole is much better at rehoming hounds. You may encounter the odd stray around your Turkey property, but rest-assured much is being done in today’s Turkey’s to alleviate the plight of stray dogs.


Why So Many Strays?

Many of Turkey’s stray dogs are not in fact wild. They do in fact have owners but a lot of dogs head for Turkey’s urban areas because it’s easy for them to survive on the streets with so much food around. Unfortunately the tradition of neutering isn’t yet well-established in Turkey but it is starting to pick up.

Kindness to Animals

Even though Turkey has so many stray dogs, it doesn’t mean that they are uncared for or ignored by locals. Kindness to animals is a key Turkish tradition – hence why dogs remain strays, rather than being removed by city officials. Although leaving animals stray may seem unkind in other countries, noticing how local children play and care for stray dogs does  show a very caring side of the country. While you may feel uncertain about buying property for sale in Kalkan, Fethiye etc with stray dogs roaming around, you needn’t fear these animals since the majority of them are tame.  However, as with any animal, it’s always a good idea to stay a safe distance until you’re sure of the animal in question.

Innovation to Help Strays, and Recycle

While more and more locals are becoming aware of the desperate predicament of many of Turkey’s stray animals, and their need for better care, one local company in Istanbul has already come up with a very impressive solution. By developing a recycling machine which at the same time serves as a dog feeding receptacle, locals are able to trade their certain objects for dog food.

For instance, throw a plastic bottle into one of these Smart Recycling Boxes, and dog food will be dispensed directly into a bowl – a nutritious boost for any stray dog or two. This invention bodes well with Turkish people’s fondness for drinking bottled water in particular since it provides an excellent means of disposing of them – and proves a sustainable option at the same time.

If you are living in and around Istanbul, visiting for the season or wandering around the city perhaps seeking out Turkey property for sale then do keep a look out for one of these dog feeding machines. That way you can do your bit for the country’s strays by trading in your plastic bottles for dog food.

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