Istanbul’s Top Five Luxury Hotels


Are you planning on travelling to Turkey this summer? If so maybe you are intending to spend a couple of days experiencing the luxury available in Istanbul? We don’t blame you! This vibrant and colourful Turkish city is synonymous with culture, activity and fun. In recent years it has also become known for its decadence and luxury. Arrive here and you will find an incredible selection of Turkey property to buy as well as designer hotels in which to languish while you’re looking. Here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey is a list of our favourite luxury hotels in Istanbul:



A bespoke boutique hotel, Sumahan-on-the-Water sits on a lovely secluded stretch of land on the very edge of the Bosphorus Strait. As a result it also offers incredible views. The hotel is close to Cengelkoy – a part of Istanbul renowned for its slower pace of life and blossoming of the authentic cultures of Istanbul and Bosphorus. Wander around and you will find genuine fruit orchards and market gardens where you can taste and smell the local produce.

Bosphorus Palace Hotel

The beautiful and charming Bosphorus Palace Hotel with its Neo-Ottoman architecture actually dates as far back as the 1800s. Now a boutique hotel with just 14 rooms (so always book in advance to secure a place), it offers a choice of standard, deluxe and palace accommodation. And on this note we say that if you’re going to splash out then you should do so in style and opt for a palace room. In its early days this hotel did indeed accommodate royalty and some of that grand ambience still remains today.

Divan Istanbul

For those who fancy their luxury in a very classical form the Divan Istanbul may be just the ticket. This is a very prominent five star hotel with austere Ottoman roots. It boasts a luxurious spa (which is difficult to stay away from) and a choice of – not one but three – gourmet restaurants.

Ayasifya Konaklari

The perfect summer hideaway in busy and hectic-at-times Istanbul, Ayasifya Konaklar (Ayasifya Mansions) sits close to Hagia Sophia and the walls of Topkapi Palace. The hotel similarly has an Ottoman Empire legacy and a calm and relaxed atmosphere. There is a library, amazing gardens and secluded, private rooms.

Ritz Carlton Istanbul

The Ritz Carlton Istanbul is one of Turkey’s top luxury hotels. It sits within close walking distance to a number of famous Istanbul landmarks such as the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar – two Turkish landmarks everyone visiting or holidaying in this city should frequent at least once. The Ritz Carlton Istanbul is also a very popular venue for weddings.

Without a doubt Istanbul is an incredible city to visit. Do it in luxury and you may very well find yourself returning looking out property for sale in Fethiye or other areas where you can create your very own piece of Turkish luxury. To look into local property options, contact Oceanwide Properties Turkey and let us proffer you our portfolio of available Turkey properties, either in Istanbul itself or the more popular coastal regions around the Mediterranean.


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