Iyi Bayramlar from all at Oceanwide Properties


It’s Kurban Bayram in Turkey this weekend and Oceanwide Properties would like to wish all our readers, friends and colleagues all the best for the future and a wonderful Bayram holiday.

For those that are not familiar with Kurban Bayram (Sacrifice Holiday), it is a Muslim celebration many may know as Eid. It is a holiday commemorating Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son Ismail (Issac). It is held each year two months and 10 days following Seker Bayram (Sugar Bayram). Traditionally, in devout households, animals (normally rams or sheep) are sacrificed by those that have had a prosperous year. The meat is then shared out and divided among family and those less fortunate. In recent years, those that prefer not to sacrifice animals have taken to making charitable donations instead. This year Oceanwide Properties are happy to be making donations to a number of families in need in the Fethiye area.

Kurban Bayram 2015 runs from noon on the 23rd September through to Sunday the 27th September. Banks, many businesses and official buildings will be closed during this time and resume as normal from Monday the 28th.

Iyi Bayramlar! Enjoy your holiday!


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