Kalkan’s Top Luxury Stays


Standing in the beautiful seaside town of Kalkan, it is hard to image the once humble beginnings of this popular little town. Many holidaymakers choose to return as Turkey property owners – such is it’s beauty and fascination.  If you are planning a holiday in Kalkan and still need to book a hotel, here are our recommendations here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey:

Best under the Turkish sun

Kalkan may once have been a small coastal village, but today things have changed: now you can pick your favourite from a range of boutique hotels or villas – and all with world class style and sophistication. Add to this Kalkan’s natural beauty and welcoming coastline and you have nothing short of an exquisite location.

Several international luxury hotels have opened up in Kalkan in recent years, all with a clear stamp of luxury. But regardless of international hotel names, each has retained a sense of the local culture, as a result expect some first-class Turkish restaurants, cuisine and hospitality.

The Kalkan Regency

Considered Turkey’s best coastal hotel, the Kalkan Regency has not overlooked a single luxury service or delight. In the main though it is actually its location which makes this hotel one of the finest you can find. That’s because it boasts some amazing Turkish coastline views. Book for a night and see exactly what we mean!

Hotel Villa Mahal

Situated on a Kalkan hillside, the Hotel Villa Mahal is everything you will ever want in Mediterranean setting. Named Europe’s Most Romantic Holiday Resort, it has amazing views across the Mediterranean sea. The current owner realised the potential of this Kalkan property some decades ago and has turned the place into what is now one of Europe’s top boutique hotels. Ultimately a destination for the discerning tourist to Turkey.

Likya Pavilion Hotel

Found in Kalkan’s green belt, the luxury boutique hotel known as the Likya Pavilion Hotel is small, private and luxurious. This Turkish retreat is a mere five minutes walk from picturesque Kalkan harbour. This provides the perfect opportunity to mingle with other like-minded travelers and locals. The Likya Pavilion restaurant is equally well-acclaimed, with many locals enjoying this restaurant as a high-end treat to celebrate occasions or to enjoy a romantic meal with a partner.

You might think that with all these upmarket boutique hotels which have sprung up in recent years that Kalkan has lost its local character. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A short trip to the nearby mountains unveils traditional Turkey in minutes. If you are staying at one of these boutique hotels or other local Kalkan retreats then it’s easy enough to take time out to appreciate Turkey’s natural habitat – it’s many forests and wild gorges.

As we mentioned above, some tourists and holidaymakers find Kalkan’s character so charming that they come back here to live. If that’s you and you’re currently seeking property for sale in Kalkan then please do come and see us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. We’d be happy to show you our existing Turkey properties in the region as well as immediately alert you to any new properties which come on the market.


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