Know Turkey Do You?


So you think you know Turkey? If you are planning on buying property in Turkey, or want to move there to enjoy long and everlasting summers, the bazaars and cuisine, then let’s test your knowledge of the country. As with any foreign land, it’s easy to take on public misconceptions. Really getting to know a new country means digging a bit deeper. That’s where you will find the real culture and the meaning behind all those traditions, allowing you to blend in better with the locals.

A Democratic Country

Following World War One, the country became known as the democratic Republic of Turkey. This meant it started to enjoy the same rights, social priorities and freedom commonly associated with western countries: the right to vote, gender equality and many other citizen rights.


What’s The Time?

There is only one time zone across all of Turkey. Say for instance you are looking at property for sale in Fethiye, while you have friends living in Northern provinces bordering the Black Sea – there is no time difference. Regardless of whether you want to live in Northern or Southern Turkey, the local time will always be GMT +3.

Beer is Available

You’ve just bought property in Turkey, but will you be able to celebrate with a beer or other alcoholic drink in hand? Absolutely yes! Turkey may be a predominantly Muslim country, but unlike other Muslim countries, finding beer or alcoholic beverages in Turkey isn’t really a problem. It may be expensive, but it’s there.

Can’t Read Arabic? No Problem!

Do you want to visit Turkey but worry that you can’t read Arabic? Turkey uses the Latin alphabet not the Arab version. This means all public signs, documents and even restaurant menus are based on familiar, Latin letters.

Safe for Single Travellers and Females

Turkey is entirely safe for individuals, including females who happen to be traveling alone. Basic safety precautions and common sense should always prevail – but there is certainly no reason for an adventurous male or female to avoid Turkey. Turks are a friendly people who are incredibly hospitable and always interested in foreigners. Travel with an open mind and you will enjoy the local culture much more.

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