Kurban Bayram in Turkey

We at Oceanwide properties wish you all a very happy bayram

Kurban Bayram

Today is the 1st day of Kurban Bayram this is an important traditional festive celebration and will last for 4 days in total .

Here is the story behind Kurban Bayram

In the Islamic world this is a time for celebrating Bayram. For those believers who have the means to sacrifice a sheep, goat or cow. Nowadays others would choose to donate the same amount of means to a charitable cause . This belief comes from Abraham undertaking to Allah in a prayer that he would sacrifice his son at a certain age should Allah reward him a son, when Allah gives him a baby boy and when his son Ismail becomes the age of 7 Abraham has a dream as a reminder of his vow to Allah, he proceeds with his oath but Allah does not this happen instead he sends Abraham a sheep to sacrifice . Therefore the sacrificing of a sheep, goat or cow becomes a reminder of this circumstance celebration for Muslims who have the financial means. The meat is sectioned and then delivered to the less fortunate families or people in need. This is a period of peacefulness for giving and sharing with family and friends .


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