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lovely seydikemer

Lovely Seydikemer : Discover the Hidden Gem of Turkey’s Magical Mugla Province

Nestled in the picturesque province of Mugla, in southwestern Turkey, lies the enchanting town of Seydikemer. Surrounded by majestic mountains and cradled in a tranquil valley, this hidden gem offers a charming and peaceful lifestyle that attracts both locals and expats seeking an escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

While lovely Seydikemer may not be as renowned as some of Turkey’s famous tourist destinations, it boasts a wealth of attractions and a small expat community that adds to its allure. Drawn by its laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes, foreigners from various corners of the world, including the UK, Germany, and Russia, have made Seydikemer their home. The warm and welcoming locals make it easy for newcomers to settle in and quickly find their place within the community.

Situated approximately 150 km from the popular tourist hotspot of Antalya, with its stunning beaches, historical wonders, and vibrant shopping centers, Seydikemer offers a convenient proximity to these sought-after attractions. Additionally, the charming seaside town of Kalkan, renowned for its yacht marina and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, lies within reach. Nature enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the beautiful Saklikent Gorge, a captivating natural wonder and a favorite among tourists, is only 30 km away. Furthermore, lovely Seydikemer benefits from its close proximity to Dalaman Airport, a mere 45 km away, ensuring easy travel connections to and from the town.


Despite its small size, Seydikemer boasts a remarkable range of local amenities. The town thrives on its farming community, and the local restaurants and shops proudly source their fresh produce from the surrounding fertile lands. Culinary delights await in the form of traditional Turkish cuisine as well as international fare, catering to the diverse tastes of the expat community. Residents can find everything they need within the town, including supermarkets, clothing stores, and hardware shops, eliminating the need for lengthy journeys to meet their daily requirements.

A standout feature of lovely Seydikemer is its vibrant Friday market, which operates all year round. Here, visitors can explore a bountiful array of locally grown fresh produce and household essentials. Even if you’re not planning on making a purchase, the market is a must-visit for its lively atmosphere and cultural experience.

Notably, Seydikemer boasts its own university, providing educational opportunities for both locals and expats. The recently opened Mugla Seydikemer State Hospital, covering an expansive area of 150,000 square meters with 35 beds, further enhances the town’s appeal. With the capacity to serve a year-round population of 200,000 and double that during the bustling summer months, residents can rest assured that essential healthcare services are close at hand.

Another advantage of residing in the very lovely Seydikemer is its proximity to the larger town of Fethiye, a mere 35 km away. Fethiye offers a comprehensive range of amenities, including a bustling marina, modern shopping centers, and reliable healthcare facilities, ensuring that Seydikemer residents have easy access to essential services.

In conclusion, Seydikemer beckons with its unparalleled beauty, tranquility, and a wealth of offerings for both locals and expats. The flourishing expat community, breathtaking scenery, and local amenities make it an irresistible destination for those seeking a quieter, more fulfilling life away from the urban chaos. With its strategic location near renowned tourist destinations like Antalya, Kalkan, and Saklikent, Seydikemer also serves as an ideal base for exploring the captivating surroundings.

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