Making Friends in Fethiye

making friends in fethiye

Making Friends in Fethiye

Usually, if you’ve already decided to buy a property in Turkey, you’ll already know some people but how do you go about making friends in Fethiye once you are living here full time?

Meeting Other English Speakers

If you’d prefer to mingle with your fellow English speaking countrymen choosing a property in one of the popular resort areas such as Çalış is a good start.

making friends in fethiye

After that the first stop would be to volunteer at one of the local charities. There are a number of children and animal charities in the area. Most of these charities have shops that are always in need of people. Likewise, they often hold events which, again, they need help with. Alternatively, simply visiting the shops or attending events will ensure that you get the chance to meet others who have made the move.

Likewise there are regular quizzes, coffee mornings, art classes, fitness classes, sports events etc. There is quite literally a plethora of choices which will help when making friends in Fethiye.

There are also a number of bars and restaurants in Fethiye, Çalış, Üzümlü, Hisarönü and Ovacik, as well as other areas, that are very popular with the expat community. So, if your favourite pastime is to eat, drink and people watch, this could be the option for you. Many of these bars will also have live music in the evening which guarantees a good turn out.

A good way to find out about these events is to join the Fethiye Events Diary Facebook page. There are also many other local Facebook pages that can give advice on where to go and what to see.

Meeting The Locals and making friends in fethiye

Should you wish to immerse yourself in the local culture, choosing a property in one of the villages where hardly any tourists pass by would be the way to go. However, a good choice if you want something in the middle would be somewhere such as Seydikemer. You’ll meet other foreigners who have moved in to the area but you’ll also get the chance to mingle with the Turkish community. You’ll also have a pretty good chance of meeting quite a few goats too!

Although learning the language of any country you wish to live in is recommended, living in one of these villages will undoubtedly mean that you pick the language up quicker and use it a lot more. Living in a more popular tourist destinations will result in most people, locals and foreigners, speaking English. when you learn at least some of the basics you are sure to making friends in fethiye that maybe you would of never been able to communicate with otherwise.

You can also choose to visit restaurants and bars more popular with Turkish visitors. The Turkish are known for their hospitality. Even if you haven’t quite got the grasp of the language, they will welcome you with open arms and before you know it you’ll probably find yourself invited to a wedding!

Wherever you decide to live, if you are willing to get out and about you will definately be making friends in fethiye, meet new people and in no time and then you can really start enjoying the next phase of your life in Turkey.

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