Marketing Tips: Selling Your Property in Turkey


When it comes to selling your home, regardless of whether you have a property in Turkey, France or back home in the UK, marketing a pile of bricks and mortar is all about showing that property in its best light. It’s not exactly rocket science is it? But you’d be amazed at the number of sellers who invite potential buyers to look around their homes without once having tried to put themselves into their shoes.

What we mean by that is, they’ll show the buyer a bedroom which needs a lick of paint, a cupboard which could do with a good clean out and an oven which obviously hadn’t been tickled by a J-cloth for at least six months.

Ok, so the vendors are showing their home in its ‘natural state’ and maybe they don’t have time to run around re-decorating and cleaning.


Here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’d advise you to make time and quick. That’s because in this type of scenario time really is money ie the longer you take to sell your home, the more it’s going to cost you in the long run. It’s as simple as that.

Painting a room that badly needs redecorating would take you a day (or hire someone to do it for you), get your kids to clean out the cupboard (or pay a neighbour’s child) and as for the cleaning part well, if you can’t face it yourself then there are companies you can hire who will come in and give your home a really thorough clean from top to bottom.

Getting in a cleaning company, like a decorator, will cost of course. But, when you consider it could mean the difference between selling your home in a week compared to four or five months down the line, then it’s an extremely cost-effective solution in reality. Remember, every month that passes you’re losing money by having to fork out on marketing fees, not to mention the capital from the sale of your Turkey property and which you could be investing and getting interest on elsewhere.


Additional Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Ok, now that we’ve given you a ticking off,  here’s a quick run of more tips to make your property presentable to potential buyers and speed up having that property in Turkey off your hands:
Store. If you’ve quite a bit of clutter around the home and can’t bring yourself to throw stuff out then think about putting it into storage for a time. Potential buyers like to come in and image how the property will look for them. They can’t do that if it’s cluttered up with all your possessions. It’s much easier for them if it’s a clear, tidy space they’re confronted with.
Repair. Make sure you’ve fixed that dripping tap, hammered the bit of skirting board that was falling off back into place and got a plumber in to fix the poor flushing loo. If not, rest assured they’ll all be noted by your potential buyers – who’ll be asking for you to reduce the price of your Turkey property in return.
Garden. If you’ve a garden at your property then it’s essential to have it looking tidy and well-tended. Why? Because it’s the first thing the potential buyers will see as they approach your house and first impressions count!

Read more tips for selling your property in the next of a series of property marketing tips here at Oceanwide Properties.


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