May – the month of music and culture in Fethiye.


May is set to be a fabulous month here in Fethiye.  If you have an interest in live music, the arts and cultural events, you’re in for a real treat. In town over the coming week? Please read on and attend some of the wonderful events planned to take place…

May has for many years been the month filled with theater, arts and music here in Fethiye. 2016 is no exception. FETAV (Fethiye Tourism Promotion Education Culture and Environment Foundation) works hard throughout the year to organise a wide variety of events. This month the town hosts the Anatolian Culture Fair, a book fair, the 9th International Fethiye Arts Festival and the 4th World Music Festival. Fethiye Times published an article earlier in the week filling us in on a few of the highlights planned and, judging by the lengthy and diverse list of performances, there’s something to suit most tastes. Please see below a glimpse of what’s going on over the week.  We have only listed a few, there are many, many more. The schedule is subject to change so, for a full and up to date itinerary, please see Fethiye Festival website.

May 2016 9th International Fethiye Arts Festival Highlights

Anatolian Culture Fair. From Saturday May 7th from 10am. A craft fair will be held throughout the week in Beskaza Square, in front of the blue Fethiye Culture Centre (FBKM). Here you will find local products, arts and crafts for sale. There will also be photography, art and poetry exhibitions at the Erasta AVM Shopping Mall and in the Culture Centres foyer and exhibition hall.

Fethiye Book Fair. From Monday May 9th. The main book fair will also be hosted at Bezkasa Square from Monday. An impressive number of authors and poets from across Turkey are attending and will be signing and selling their books throughout the week. The authors are also visiting local schools, running talks, seminars and creative writing workshops throughout the town. Please see Fethiye Festival website for more details.

9th Fethiye Arts Festival. Saturday May 7th to Sunday May 15th. Although the Culture Fair will be well underway from Saturday, the official opening of the Arts Festival will take place at the Culture Centre from 3pm on Monday. Presented by school children, there will be a silence and the Turkish National Anthem, followed by opening speeches and a short concert. Various arts and cultural exhibitions and events will continue throughout the week.

4th World Music Festival. Thursday May 12th to Sunday May 15th.  Thursday 9pm at Beskaza Square see’s the opening ceremony for the Music Festival. Artists from Iran, Scotland, USA, Russia, Ukraine and Monaco will kick off the 4 free evening concerts of world music. The main performances will continue each night from 9pm. On Saturday 14th there will be a procession and carnival with entertainment leading up to the evening performance from 5pm. The village of Kayakoy will host live music concerts as part of the Kayakoy Festival from 2pm until 5pm on the Friday.

To view the full list of times and events throughout Fethiye, please see Fethiye Festival. We hope you enjoy the entertainment. Please let us know what you think.

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