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Moving country, whether short or long-term, remains an expense. In the case of  Turkey there is paperwork that needs to be done and the potential costs of shipping your household items to consider. Then there is the expense in getting your car over. You may even be considering  buying property in Turkey. Here’s some tips on how to manage that move:


Visa and Transport

Always book travel tickets well ahead of time to secure the best deals. Unfortunately there are no special deals on visa and permit costs but at least you know what they are in advance and can budget accordingly.

Moving Money Abroad

Transferring money between countries can be a costly business. Fortunately, there are companies out there that assist expats and those planning on emigrating to find the most cost-effective solutions for transferring large sums of money while, at the same time, offering the most competitive rates for exchanging currency. The Oceanwide Properties Turkey team can help advise on this – just ask.

If you are looking at property for sale in Fethiye or any other coastal region of Turkey, bear in mind that a currency exchange specialist can also offer you a better exchange rate than a local bank. This might just save you some money while you consider investing in your dream property in Turkey.

Turkish Banking

There are a number of banks to choose from in Turkey. Do your homework and compare savings account and investment plans to get a good idea of costs and where you can save a bit on administration charges. All banks governed by the Banking Association of Turkey offer modern banking and financial solutions. There are many banking options available so be sure to check which gives you most liras for your sterling.

Get a Local Phone Card

International phone calls from Turkey can be expensive. Buying a local mobile SIM can save you a fortune when calling back home or making international calls. Local SIM cards are widely available and don’t cost much so do yourself a favour and invest in one as soon as you can.


If you believing the days of bargaining were long gone well, think again. The practice is practically standard in Turkey and even considered a social custom. If you are nearing month-end, in need of a few extra liras and have time to spare when shopping then rely on this most ancient o Turkish traditions to get yourself a better deal or two.

The overall cost of living in Turkey is a whole lot less expensive than in the UK and many other European nations. But, of course, there are still those one-off moving costs to get over. Here at Oceanwide Properties we can certainly help when it comes to securing the best deals on property in Turkey. Why not give us a call or drop us an email and take through our extensive portolio of Turkey properties to buy and rent. We cover houses and apartments in coastal regions and major cities such as Istanbul.


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