Today is National Toast Day – Best Places To Eat Toast In Fethiye.


Crumbs…it’s National Toast Day! Anyone for toast?

Did you know that almost every day is a designated celebration for a food of some sort? One of our Twitter followers, on seeing a photo we took this morning from Kultur Bufe the toastie place opposite our Fethiye office, kindly informed us it was National Toast Day in the UK.

Well, not to miss out on a wonderful excuse to write about our love of the Turkish toastie, or ‘tost’ as it’s known here, we’ve come up with a few recommendations for the best places to eat a toasties in Fethiye.

Top Places to enjoy a Turkish Toastie in Fethiye 

Turkish Toastie
Tost from Iksirci Tezcan in Central Fethiye

Iksirci Tezcan, Central Fethiye.

Anyone that’s explored central Fethiye will have wandered past Iksirci Tezcan at some point.  It’s the interesting little place where you see people of all ages tucking into toasties on child-size, multi-coulored tables and chairs. It’s located next to the blue Kultur Centre on the harbour front overlooking the town square. Iksirci Tezcan is the haunt of any Fethiye living toastie lover. Don’t think varied menu here – only toast and fresh juice is on the menu. Your choice simple – toastie with cheese, or mixed toastie with cheese and sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage similar to pepperoni)! Give it a go next time you are in town, with prices from around 6 TL, it’s a worthy cheap snack or light lunch and ideal for the kids.

Limon H2O Cafe, Central Fethiye.

It’s easy to assume that Limon H2O is simply a supermarket cafe. It’s located right next door to Fethiye central Migros opposite Burger King, on the busy central road running behind the harbour. You will often see it busy with locals and ex-pats and there’s a good reason why – the food is tasty, the service good and the prices extremely reasonable. They have a varied menu with a good selection of toasties from around 8TL each served up with a few chips and tomatoes, rocket and a few pickles or chilies on the side.

Turkish toastie
Tucking into a cheese Toastie.

Efe Firin, Tasyaka.

Head out of Fethiye towards Ovacik and Oludeniz along the main Tasyaka road, you will spot Efe Firin on your right. Essential a bakery, it sells a good variety of breads, cakes and cookies from the counter inside. It has a few tables and chairs in a covered area to the front and is normally busy of a morning and evening when locals gather with friends and graze over simit (Turkish bagels), toasties, borek (filled pastries), and cakes served with the obligatory cay (Turkish tea).

Sariyer Borekcisi, Tasyaka and Central Fethiye.

Popular of a morning with people stopping off for their takeaway supplies of borek and breakfast pastries, Sariyer Borekcisi also does a mean Turkish toastie. There are two main cafe/bakeries around central Fethiye, one just up from Erasta AVM in Tasyaka, the other just down from the main Migros on the right as you head towards Calis. Sariyer Borekcisi is a regular haunt for us and we can often be found sat on the cafe tables at the front tucking into a mixed borek breakfast or cheese toastie.

Can you suggest anywhere else around Fethiye to enjoy a Turkish toastie? If so, join in the National Toast Day celebration, comment below and let us know.

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