Need to sell your Turkish property fast? We have cash buyers waiting…


Are you in a rush to sell your Turkish property? Oceanwide Properties now have investors looking to buy discounted properties for cash.

The real estate market in Turkey is tough at the moment and it does take longer to attract a buyer in many cases. But what if you can’t wait and need to free up the equity from your property now? Maybe you have had a Turkish property on the market for a long time and now just want to get it sold? If this applies to you then please read on as we may be able to help.

Cash for discounted Turkish properties

Oceanwide Properties still believe that a Turkish property will sell providing it is correctly priced and marketed to the right people – but this can take time. Recently we have had a number of vendors that simply can’t wait. They want to free up money from their Turkish investments as quickly as possible. To achieve a fast sale they were realistic. They were aware that their property needed to be undervalued or classed as distressed to attract immediate attention.

Oceanwide Properties have been trading since 2005 and over our eleven years of business we have built relationships with a number of large property investors. These investors make a business of purchasing discounted properties with a view of selling them on at a later stage or renting them out. For a property to qualify it does need to be priced significantly below the market value.

A range of other vendor services available

If you are in a hurry to sell your Turkish property and move on, our cash investors could be the answer. Contact Oceanwide Properties for an initial chat and to find out more. Alternatively, if you have a Turkish property for sale but are not in such a hurry to move on, we do also offer a wide range of classic vendor services that are also very effective. Contact us for more details.

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