New Year’s Day Splash

new year's day splash

New Year’s Day Splash

Every year local charities take part in a New Year’s Day Splash on the seafront in Çalış.

After missing out last year due to Covid, it was fantastic to be able to see it happen again.

Who Organises The New Year’s Day Splash?

Originally the Calis Children’s Charity (3C’s) organised the event to raise money for the children in need that they support.

However, nowadays, the Splash is open to anyone wanting to raise money for a local charity whether it be for children, animals or anything else.

When Did It Take Place?

The Splash started at 1pm on New Year’s Day. This year there were 22 participants who had dressed up in fancy dress – some in unusual outfits, others in costumes they’d made themselves.

And The Winner Is…

Each year a winner is chosen for the best outfit and this year it was Cheryl in her fantastic homemade diving suit.

Prior to the Splash taking place, there was the obligatory photo shoot to show off all the costumes.

Each participant had to stay in the water, up to their necks, for five minutes.

Five minutes can seem like a lifetime on occasions like these so we are sure they were pleased to exit the cold water!

Enjoying The New Year’s Day Splash

As per previous years, there were plenty of spectators enjoying the Splash as well as the great weather. Most decided to have a bite to eat and catch up with friends after the event.

If you would like to live within walking distance of Çalış seafront and this event, take a look at a couple of our properties. For information on these or any of our other properties please contact us here.


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