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The past twelve months have been a bit of a roller coaster for property in Turkey but thankfully Oceanwide Properties enjoyed a good 2015.

The Fethiye region has always been a favourite location for overseas property seekers. It is easily accessible from most of Europe year around and benefits from a warm, sunny climate, sophisticated infrastructure and wealth of reasonably priced properties. Oceanwide Properties believe 2016 will again be a great time to invest in a property in Turkey.

As UK stamp duty on second homes rises, so will the demand for property in Turkey

Suleyman Akbay, MD at Oceanwide Properties commented,

“As stamp duty on second homes in the UK is set to rise from April, I expect those considering another property purchase to look overseas. Despite recent geopolitical issues, Turkey still remains a very attractive proposition. Few places offer the value for money Turkey can. Over the years Turkey has enjoyed long periods of strong real estate and economic growth. The Turkish economy is gaining strength and is actively seeking international investment. Real estate in Turkey is still much in demand and a highly competitive marketplace both in the cities and along the coast. I believe there is plenty of scope for future growth in the property market here in Turkey over the coming year and recent statistics and many industry experts support this view”.

Turkey’s property prices increased the most during 2015 

There was an interesting article in the Telegraph last month written by Kate Palmer discussing where to invest in property in 2016. It included some interesting statistics, quotes from industry researchers and graphs. Despite last year’s Syrian and political issues, Turkey preformed extremely well. Kate Everett-Allen from Knight Frank’s global research team was quoted,

“Turkey, which saw the biggest growth in Europe with an 18.9 percent year-on-year price increase during 2015, is one area tipped to grow further. Strong levels of foreign investment, an expanding population and a slowdown in construction explain the upward price movements”.

This report was supported by the graph shown below placing Turkey top of the list for percentage growth in property values during 2015. Turkey out preforming the likes of Hong Kong, Sweden and the UK.

Property in Turkey

Oceanwide Properties looking forward to a good 2016

2015 turned out to be a good year for Oceanwide Properties and we are looking to make 2016 even better! The past twelve months saw us represent and sell many fabulous properties in Turkey. We attended three successful UK exhibitions and are looking forward to attending A Place in the Sun in Manchester, London and Birmingham during 2016. We are also looking at extending our marketing activities both in the press and online over the next few months. Our news site, Oceanwide Properties News, has grown beyond our expectations since it’s launch last year and we are now looking to revamp our company website and bring it bang up to date with many features allowing for an easier user experience. If you have a property in Turkey to sell, or are looking to invest in real estate along the Turkish coast, please contact us or see our main website Oceanwide Properties.


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