Opening The Door to Your Dream Home.

One of the first things about your dream home that you will see is your front door, and although a functional object there is possibly more to the humble front door than we know. Whether it conjures up opportunity or confinement, only you hold the key.

In mythology and literature, a doorway is a passage often from one world to another. 

Our front door is a transition from the outside to a feeling of protection and peace, to our personal space, and where we spend so much of our time.

When buying a property, the front door, maybe subconsciously plays a big role in how we feel, and what our thoughts are on what lies beyond.

As we step over the threshold the feeling of welcome and happiness can be just the medicine we need, a great example of that is when we go on that long-awaited holiday, no matter how much we have enjoyed our time away there is just something comforting about coming home again, opening our door to our own small piece of tranquillity.

The colour that you choose to paint your dream home door tells a lot about those that live inside, and across the world, there are general thoughts on what the meanings are behind the colours that we choose.

The most popular colour choice globally for a front door is Red. In China, a red front door means wealth, prosperity and status, yet in most other parts of the world, the colour red on a door symbolises a welcome, that those who pass may enter, and that this is a place of warmth and acceptance, this is why many churches traditionally have a red door. There is also an old folk tale that a red painted front door means that you have paid your mortgage.

Black is the next most popular choice symbolising elegance, calmness and solid positive energy.

A Green door indicates luck but also that those who live within will experience growth, prosperity, change and wealth. In the UK, properties with a green front door are still the best sellers.

Grey is also thought to represent luck.

A Blue door also means prosperity and abundance but is also widely known for tranquillity and peace.

Representing feminine power, purity and cleanliness a white front door is becoming ever more popular.

These are the most popular but it seems that every colour has some meaning behind it, for instance, the Amish are rumoured to paint their doors light blue indicating that their daughter is of marrying age!

In Turkey probably one of the most famous doors stands at the Dolma Bahce Palace in Istanbul.

Throughout Istanbul, there are some amazing doors, once seen never forgotten.

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