Our New 2015 Turkey Property Buyers Guide is online now!

See our New 2015 Turkey Property Buyers Guide online now!

There’s no mystery why overseas property investors look towards Turkey – as a non-Eurozone boasting a rich heritage, fabulous climate, affordable properties and picture perfect locations,  it simply makes sense.

Recent years have seen the stats for Turkey’s economy, foreign investment and tourism numbers skyrocket. The country ranks 6th place in the world for tourist numbers according to the WTO. Whilst Istanbul takes the major share of visitors, the attractive Mediterranean resorts like Fethiye are reporting noticeable increases in tourists. Recent figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute show that the number of property sales in Turkey increased by 42.7% in April 2015 from the same period last year. In addition, there was a steady rise in Turkish property prices in 2014 with a month on month rise of 1.33% as recorded by Turkey’s Reidin-GYODER New House Price Index. Investment hotshots and trusted industry press have for years advised clients looking to avoid economic horrors to steer clear of Europe and look further afield. They have consistently tipped Turkey at the forefront of investment lists.  As Suleyman Akbay has frequently said,

A property in Turkey makes sense for many reasons; at the moment those with a buy to let property in Turkey are reaping in the financial benefits. The exchange rate is extremely favourable for tourists, they are now getting more than 4.2TL to the pound – a vast increase since January when it was just 3.6TL. It means they now have far more money to spend on their holidays and many are booking private villa and apartment lets in the popular areas around Fethiye. You can pick up a bargain Turkish property, in a popular location and ideal for rental purposes from around £50,000. You can potentially earn more than 8%-10% of the property’s value you back in the six month holiday season so there’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to invest in a property in Turkey at the moment. We have sold a number of rental investment properties the last couple of months for this very reason.

In light of recent influx in property buyers, Oceanwide Properties have updated our Turkey Property Buyers Guide to answer many of the common questions we get asked by clients. It walks you through many of the main points to consider when buying a property in Turkey and contains a wealth of useful information. To see the guide online, please click the link below or contact us for a hard copy. We hope you find our guide useful and, if you are considering purchasing a property in Turkey, please contact us as we have many wonderful options on our books including many on an exclusive basis meaning you won’t find them on any other agents books!

We look forward to helping you on the exciting journey to finding your ideal property investment in the sun!



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