Owning A Small Business In Turkey

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Owning A Small Business In Turkey


We have had many enquiries over the years about owning a small business in Turkey. Oceanwide Properties has a few amazing properties to choose from that are ready for any investor who has ever wanted to run either their own guesthouse, B&B right up to a larger hotel. The possibilities are endless as long as you do your homework and look into the legalities, making sure you have all the correct paperwork, finances, and requirements in place.

On the top of the list of questions most frequently asked is ” can a foreigner own a business in Turkey, simply the answer is yes.

There are numerous sources to find out all the relevant and correct details. We have all heard the phrase “google it” well its good advice. From local group pages that could put you in contact with someone who has already been through the process, to government websites that will give a clear guide to owning a business in Turkey you can easily find out all you need to know.

There are strict stipulations on finances, and how much a foreign investor must have to own a business in Turkey, there are also separate fees to actually do all the setting up, and having a great lawyer and accountant is advisable.

This is a basic googled list of what you need to get the ball rolling.

Acquiring a potential tax number from the tax office.
Settling the exact location of your company.
Deciding the type of corporation you will trade.
Finding an accounting company for the set up process.
Registering your company legally.
And opening a bank account.

With well over 300 days of sunshine per year the income from an investment property for many, is a way to not only live in this beautiful country but to make a living whilst doing so.

From the people that we have met that have effectively run a small business in Turkey, all of them have expressed the joy in getting to know and in most cases becoming friends with regular clients that have returned year after year. Many clients once they have been to a small family run business and have had the luxury of a personal service often return even during the quieter winter season.

The season lasts generally from the middle of March to the end of October, with direct flights to the region from most UK and international airports, But with access to the entire Mediterranean region via flights that hop into Istanbul before flying into either Dalaman or Antalya the winter season is becoming increasingly popular for those who both wish to avoid the crowds of summer or want to get away from the grey skies of the UK.

There are a few properties that are available now to view from the smaller boutique style guest houses to larger properties with a higher number of guest possibilities, but which ever type of hotel you have dreamed of owning there is definitely something for you.

They are scattered along the turquoise coastal waters of southern Turkey’s coastline, located in some of the most stunning areas of natural beauty and also many are surrounded by some amazing historical sites, learning all that your area has to offer will be a bonus and add the the positive experience for your future guests when they stay with you, and Turkey has so much to offer. Just an hour away from this coastal region, should your guests decide to take a trip is one of the worlds greatest cities.

Istanbul is a must see, but there are so many possibilities for any guest who want to explore more of Turkey whilst being based at your Hotel, from the incredible landscape of Cappadocia to one of the oldest surviving intact cities of Ephesus, your guests will want to return to see yet more of what this amazing land ha to offer.

Small Business


Below are all the links to the properties featured in this blog, why not have a look at some of the beautiful properties that could be yours especially if you are thinking of investing in a bussiness in Turkey and investing in your future.

To learn more about any of these properties please contact us here at Oceanwide Properties.


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