Picnic Time


In Fethiye having a picnic with family or friends is an important part of the social calendar.

With restaurants, cafes and bars having been closed for much of the time due to the pandemic, picnics are now more popular than ever.

Once you’ve settled into your very own property in Fethiye you may quite fancy indulging in one yourself.

Any Time Is Good For A Picnic

The joy of picnicking in Fethiye is that there are no set rules. You can gather for breakfast or lunch or dinner with a large group. Or an afternoon snack or cup of çay with a friend may be more to your liking.

More importantly, anywhere is considered a good location to settle down for a few hours.

You may prefer sitting on the grass on the Fethiye promenade watching the famous Fethiye sunset whilst sharing your food with one of the friendly local street dogs.

Or choose to spend a few hours on the beach so you can cool off in the sea between mouthfuls.

Picnic on the Move

Alternatively, why not combine a small picnic with a walk or drive to a spot where you can enjoy the stunning scenery.

And it isn’t unheard of to see an entire Turkish family setting up their çay pot in a layby on a busy road.

Winter Wonderland

In winter you will also see many people head inland and picnic by the roadside among the snowdrifts. Children happily throw snowballs or sledge whilst mum prepares the food.

For the more adventurous there is an opportunity to get a good workout and hike further into the snow. Then reward yourself with a simple sandwich and hot thermos of coffee whilst gazing down on a winter wonderland.

picnic in the snow

Whatever you choose to do, we guarantee you will enjoy it.

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