“Turkey won me over, I originally wanted a property in Spain!” says Alison.


“Amazingly, yes, it is Spain I have to thank for finding me my property in Turkey” says Oceanwide Properties client Alison Claxton, the new owner of a resale apartment in Ovacik near Fethiye.

property in Turkey
Alison’s lovely new apartment.

Alison is not the first of Oceanwide Properties clients to be won over by the charms of Turkey. “Over the years we have attended many overseas property exhibitions” says Suleyman Akbay, Director of the company. “At an exhibition like A Place in the Sun, there are lots of exhibitors from all over the world. Compared to the likes of Spain, Turkey has a relatively small presence at the show. A number of clients that have brought from us originally attended exhibitions with dreams of purchasing a property in another country. Many, like Alison, hadn’t even considered a property in Turkey – some had never even been to Turkey on holiday! It was only when they browsed what Turkey could offer and saw the value for money to be had in areas like Fethiye, that they were won over”.

Alison’s story…

What prompted your decision to buy a property abroad?

“I had been considering purchasing a property abroad for some time just to have a bolt hole from the pressures of work and the dismal English climate!!   It was the quest to find somewhere suitable that took me and my daughter to Manchester’s A Place in the Sun exhibition last March”.

Did you have a location in mind?

“Yes Spain! Ideally the Canaries but,  having realised they would be way outside my budget,  I switched my search to mainland Spain.  It goes without saying that there were a lot of exhibitors representing Spain at the show. We spent a good deal of our time looking at their stands”.

If Spain was your goal, how did you end up considering a property in Turkey?

“It was as we were thinking of leaving to get lunch, and making for the exit with our shortlist of Spanish contenders, that the Turkish property section and Oceanwide Properties stand, caught my eye. We wandered over to have a quick look, not really expecting to be impressed”.

property in Turkey
A spot of lunch during her property tour…Alison enjoying her first taste of traditional Turkish pide (pizza) with the Oceanwide Properties team.

Had you ever been to Turkey?

“I had never been to Turkey before and hadn’t even considered it as a contender…I’m not even a big fan of Turkish Delight! Turkey started appealing whilst listening to Suleyman and Selda. They spoke about their country and their business with such genuine warmth and sincerity it really made me stop and question where it was that I wanted to be. We took a look at some of the properties they were representing on the stand and couldn’t believe the difference in price. They had some beautiful looking resale apartments, fully furnished and close to the beach, for far less than we had seen earlier that morning. It seemed we could get far more for our money in Turkey than Spain and they assured us that we would fall in love with the country and the Turkish people”.

How soon after the show did you visit Turkey?

“Just 48 hours later I booked myself a flight to Turkey leaving April 6th. I don’t know who was more surprised – me or my daughter! I was going alone as she couldn’t make it, but somehow, call it fate maybe, it just felt right”.

Did the negative press regarding terrorism in Turkey concern you at all?

“I can honestly say that the press regarding terrorism has not bothered me at all; unfortunately the threat affects the whole world these days.  As it happens when I got back from Manchester the bombing had just happened in Turkey but I never gave it a thought and just booked my flights.”

Was it your intention to buy a property in Turkey during your trip?

“My visit was primarily just to have a look around and to get a feel for the country and its lifestyle; but it was instant love and I knew straightaway that Turkey had worked its magic on me.

I stayed for 5 days and couldn’t have been looked after any better. My budget was not huge, but my dreams were, and I found myself hoping that I would not be leaving disappointed”.

property in Turkey
The apartment complex Alison fell in love with in Ovacik, Fethiye.

What kind of property were you looking for?

“I wanted a spacious apartment by the sea; somewhere with a pool but not in an overly noisy area. I wanted to be close to public transport, a few restaurants and shops.

I ideally wanted somewhere I could enjoy with family as well as gain a rental income during times we weren’t there. I had looked on the internet at property in Turkey before my trip and had picked out a clear favourite.  I had also completely ruled two others out but was happy to tour around and look at anything within my budget”.

What property did you end up buying?

“My clear favourite, as it happens, was not for me but one of my discounted ones turned out to be just perfect.

I now own a resale 2 bed apartment in Ovacik near Oludeniz. It’s on a small complex with a pool and lovely gardens. It’s close to the bus route to Fethiye and Oludeniz beach, has some great little restaurants and shops nearby, and a wonderful shaded terrace where I can see myself spending a lot of time enjoying the view of the mountains and forest – it’s just perfect!”

property in Turkey
Furnished 2 bed duplex apartment for sale in Hisaronu. Comes with letting history. Reduced to £44,950. Click for details…

How did you find the buying process?

“Buying my apartment was remarkably easy and straight forward. I felt no pressure from my hosts. I knew that property was the one for me so once we had agreed the price, the buying process went into action. It was quick and smooth. As Suleyman and Selda suggested, I used an English speaking lawyer to oversee the purchase. They drew up the contract and dealt with legalities. Oceanwide kept me informed throughout the process. The sale has now been completed and I have my title deeds waiting for me at the solicitors in Fethiye. I am now just excited about going back over to Turkey and getting settled into my new home”.

What advice would you give to those that may be reluctant to consider property in Turkey?

“Take it from someone who hadn’t been on holiday or even considered Turkey…the best thing anyone can do is to go and look – you won’t leave disappointed! Buying an apartment in Turkey has been a wonderful experience and I am now looking forward to being in Turkey as often as I can. Turkey won me over, it could you – I was originally looking at property in Spain!”

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