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Many prospective expats or those looking to relocate to their own property in Turkey have asked what the public transport is like in Turkey. As far as we’re concerned here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey it is an extremely impressive system. Whether you are looking at investing in property in Turkey or planning to stay here as an expat for a while, here’s what you need to know about our public transport system in terms of buses, trains and trams:


Buses in Turkey
Most of Turkey’s prominent cities including Istanbul and its capital Ankara, have well-oiled intercity bus systems. If you make use of an intercity bus system in your home town, then using Turkey’s public bus system should be a piece of cake.

Local Turkish citizens also rely on the public bus system for their main source of transport – so be sure to pitch up at your local central bus station or otogar on time as it can become extremely busy. Buses are by far one of the most popular public transport options in Turkey and this extends to the countryside as well. Outside of the cities, long distance buses can take you right where you want to be in the countryside, at a very reasonable price. Buses in Turkey are comfortable – you can even expect to find wi-fi on board.

The Dolmuş
Equally popular among locals is the use of the dolmuş – a mini taxi bus. These shared taxi buses also depart and arrive at central bus stations in the cities, and designated stops in smaller towns. The benefit of making use of a dolmuş is that these are virtually everywhere and extremely frequent.

High Speed Rail
Turkey’s high speed rail is still in the process of completion. The country embarked on the development of its first high speed rail in 2003 and many high speed lines are now available and functioning in and around Ankara.

Once you know the benefit of a high speed rail, a conventional train is somewhat less charming. Trains are however still widely used in Turkey, but at a slower pace and a more affordable price than their high-tech cousin. Compared to Turkey’s intercity bus systems, the trains are usually second choice.

Electronic Tickets
If you are based in or around Istanbul, you will appreciate the fact that public transport can be paid for by means of a smart ticket, or Akbil. Merely pre-load travel credit and you are ready to go on whichever means of public transport you prefer.

Turkey is fast becoming a destination of note and an economic hub of both Europe and the Middle East. If you wish to form part of the happenings and developments here then contact us at Oceanwide Properties. Whether you are looking for your very own Turkey property or merely seeking to browse properties for sale in Turkey right now, we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.



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