Pumpkin Orange …. The Colour of Autumn

pumpkin orange

Pumpkin orange the colour is everywhere……. (Kabak)

This time of year the fruits and vegetables take on a more earthier element and for some reason my eye is drawn to the bright orange colour of autumns most famous fruit the humble Pumpkin.

Actually the pumpkin is a berry defined by the description of ” a simple, fleshy fruit that usually has many seeds”….. who knew!

As you meander through the Tuesday and the Friday markets  in Fethiye there are so many varieties to choose from, i must confess the miniature ones i don’t even want to eat,  i just want to do an autumnal display by the door, so that every time i walk into the house the colours of reds, yellows oranges and greens greet me.

One of Turkey’s  seasonal dishes, that  i love and i had not eaten before i came to Turkey, is the sweet roasted pumpkin dish called ”Kabak Tatlisi” (Sweet Pumpkin) a dessert made from pumpkin, sugar, nuts, honey, cinnamon  and other spices of your choice. This delicious sweet treat is candied in a simple sugar syrup, baked in the oven and then can be garnished with lemon juice and walnuts.  


You can find some wonderful recipes here, the pumpkin and nuts combination is definitely a winner.

There are so many diverse and wonderful recipes which incorporate pumpkins, under this short blog i have put a few links for you to click on which will lead to some mouth watering delights. Dont forget you can dry out the seeds and eat these also they are delicious and also rich in vitamins and minerals such as manganese, vitamin K, zinc and phosphorus.

Why not pop down to the fresh fruit and vegetable market and see for yourself these wonderful pumpkin orange delights.



Living in this wonderful town and indeed in this amazing country,  gives us the chance to experience new foods, new tastes and no matter whether it’s a new variety of pumpkin or indeed a completely new fruit or vegetable we have never seen before, life is too short not to try it.



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