Ready for an African Heatwave? Your guide to staying safe and cool in Fethiye.


We all know the summers get hot in Fethiye but…

If it wasn’t hot enough already with the Fethiye temperature gage near the town square showing 40 degrees Celsius at 10.45am this morning (105 degrees Fahrenheit), the African heatwave sweeping Europe is heading in our direction. According to Professor Orhan Sen of the Istanbul Technical University Meteorological Department, tourists and those visiting their Turkish properties on the Med should prepare for a real hottie next week.

The report published by BGN News said temperatures are expected to reach well over 40 degrees Celsius, around 4 or 5 degrees higher than the seasonal average. Well…we have already beaten that in Fethiye. Yesterday the town clock showed 46 degrees C at 3pm and the heatwave hasn’t even hit us yet! Prof. Sen suggests the wave is largely caused by a phenomenon known as “El Nino” in the Pacific. This is where the surface temperature of the ocean rises by over 1.5 degrees Celsius causing temperatures to rise around the world.

Remember to look after yourselves and the environment.

In light of the reports, local authorities are trying to warn residents and tourists in Turkey to take precautions to limit any ill effects the high temperatures and low humidity could cause.  We must also remember what these dry conditions can do to our environment. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind whilst in Fethiye this summer:

turkish propertiesStay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water and limit your alcohol intake in the sun. Sipping cool or room temperature water is better for you than iced water as it doesn’t shock your system making you sweat. You also see the Turks drinking a lot of Cay (tea), even during the summer. Although a mild diuretic, tea and other warm drinks can actually help regulate your body temperature. The local salty yogurt drink Ayran is also great during the summer. The salt content helps you retain vital minerals lost via sweating.

Put damp towels or flannels in the fridge. Sounds a little silly but a great way to cool off quickly is by putting cool damp towels around your neck when you need quick relief from the heat. It causes your blood vessels to constrict thus slowing down your body’s ability to radiate heat. Popping your feet in a cool basin of water also has a similar effect.

Wear sunscreen:  We realise that working on that tan is important to many but remember to be sensible. Wear high factor sunscreen to avoid burning and heatstroke.

Take care driving around Fethiye. Local press are warning drivers to be extremely cautious. They published pictures of the asphalt on the roads melting due to the extreme temperatures making them almost ‘icy’ in appearance and slippery. Drivers should reduce their speed to avoid skidding, particularly on the Fethiye to Oludeniz through road and Kayakoy to Hisaronu roads where accidents and fatalities have already happened.

Smokers, please dispose of your cigarette butts sensibly.  The forests and land around Fethiye is now dry and arid. To reduce the fire risks please be sure to pop all your cigarette stubs in an ashtray and not still lit in trash cans, out of your car windows or into the shrubbery.

Don’t leave your glass bottles out in the sun. If you are drinking a beer or soda out of a glass bottle, don’t leave them in the sun, especially on the grass, in the forest or anywhere dry. The glass can magnify the suns rays and start fires.

Stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day: Act like a lizard and stay in the shade, especially during the hottest hours of the day (12pm to 3pm).  Heat does make you sleepy so why not do what a lot of those on the Med recommend – take a siesta until the sun dies down a little? You’re sure to wake up refreshed.

Dress accordingly: Breezy and breathable cotton and linen clothing in pale colours help deflect the rays and keep you cool as the temperatures rise.  

Remember not to buy Chinese Fire Lanterns from street vendors. We know that we recently wrote an article on the dangers of Sky Balllons (Please Don’t Buy Chinese Sky Lanterns in Fethiye) but it’s only right to mention this again. These Fire Lanterns are dangerous and very lightly to cause fires so please refrain from purchasing them from the illegal vendors.

We hope you all enjoy your summer and please feel free to sign up on the right and comment. Let us know of any other tips you may have on how to stay cool and survive the heat in Fethiye this summer.

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(Main photo by Michael Le Roi on Flickr)


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