Recycling In Fethiye


Recycling In Fethiye

Turkey’s Initiative

Since Turkey’s First Lady, Emine Erdoğan, launched the Zero Waste initiative in 2017, recycling has increased significantly.

You will find different types of bins on many street corners and there are Belediye (Council) teams dedicated to clearing and sorting the waste.

What Can You Do?

As individuals, we now have a lot more opportunities to recycle the waste we create in our own homes by using these bins.

What Are Our Options?

Many of the older bins are still in use but, as they are undoubtedly past their best, they are slowly being replaced by bigger and better receptacles.

The aforementioned older bins come in various shapes and sizes, as shown below.

Plus there are also bins solely for bottles and cans.

And bins placed on popular walkways specifically for those bottles you empty whilst keeping hydrated on a hot day.

Replacement Recycling Bins

You’ll start seeing the new bins as more and more are being put to work.

There appears to be two varieties. One is a smaller version that allows basic recycling, then there is the larger, all singing all dancing, version.

 instructions are written on all sides in both Turkish and English.

What To Do With Your Old Clothes

You can take things a little further too by repurposing your clothes.

If you have items that are getting old and tired just pop them in one of the purple recycling bins. They will then get re-purposed and passed on to those less fortunate.

Alternatively, there are charity shops in Fethiye, Çalış, Hisaronu and Üzümlü where you can donate your clothes and bric a brac. Money made from these donations go towards helping children or animals, depending on which shop you donate to.

Keep Fethiye Clean

Should you decide to get more involved with the local environment, there is a Facebook group called Keep Fethiye Clean. Click here to join.

They organise regular clean ups of local beauty spots and other areas. They also share information on who to contact if you spot excess rubbish or recycling that needs clearing.

Joining the clean ups not only helps the environment, it is also a great way to meet local, like minded, individuals.


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