Renovating a Turkish Home


Unfortunately the team here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey are familiar with the scenario of those looking to invest in Turkey property finding thier dream home – but it’s one to which lots and lots of restoration and building work needs done. This whole area of property restoration work can be a bit of a minefield unless you know what you’re doing and certainly the team here can keep you right. Here’s some advice for starters:

Turkey homes have got the growth factor

Renovation Culture

There’s a bit of a popular cultural vibe about renovation Turkey property at the moment. It’s meant that the construction industry here in Turkey is very stable and indeed, there are examples of building work which has received much international praise. Middle Eastern interior options and traditional Turkey building styles are pretty exciting and make for a great way of renovating a holiday home.

Interior/Exterior Renovations

Whether you are keen on renovating your home’s interior or exterior, you will always find a service provider in Turkey for both. There are many firms too which offer complete interior refurbishment packages. This includes hiring the skills of a plasterer, painter, builder, tiler, carpenter and even interior decorator. Some teams even go as far as offering a child or pet proofing option for your Turkey property.

When it comes to the exterior of your property it’s always a good idea to call on the services of a professional architect. That’s because there will be building laws to comply with and official approval sought. Not only that but if it’s an old property you’re purchased then there may be design and build restrictions too (just as there are with listed buildings here in the UK). And, of course, in Turkey there is always the need to earthquake-proof a building.

Talking Costs

Building, renovating or refurbishing in a foreign country doesn’t come cheap, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth either.  Do your research and get to know what sounds like a reasonable price, be open too about your budget with the renovation team. Renovation costs can vary significantly according to what you want done, the size of your property and even where your home is based, but you should be able to establish a reasonable market related cost if you ask around.

Essentially though, rest assured that the construction work for your property in Turkey should certainly cost less than what it would at home in the UK. This is in partly due to the large number of skilled tradesmen right here in Turkey, as well as the abundant supply of excellent building materials.

It’s clear then that if you are in the market for renovating a property for sale in Feithiye, Kalkan, Side or other coastal areas of  Turkey, then there are numerous options out there to choose from. Just remember to do plenty of research and you should find the process relatively straight-forward. Here at Oceanwide Properties we’ll glady advise you on purchasing property and are happy to show you our existing portfolio.


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