Furnished Rental Apartments Even More Attractive to Tourists


Here at Oceanwide Properties we are aware that renting a property in Turkey in terms of a furnished apartment, has been made even more attractive with the Turkish government’s ban on building studio apartments last month.

The Ministry of Environment and City Planning’s new regulation provides building companies with a minimum size for rooms and insists all new apartments being constructed must contain separate rooms for both a bedroom and living room.

Uzumlu villa - interior living room

It means that tourists and travellers to Turkey will now be limited to either renting a furnished Turkey property in the city or coastal areas, booking into a hotel or staying with friends and relatives. For those without contacts in Turkey renting an apartment or house is obviously the least expensive option. Hotels suffered most with the existence of the studio apartment since many were, after all, the same size as a small hotel room.

Reasons for The Ban on Studio Apartments in Turkey

The proliferation of studio apartments in Turkey within the past decade, has led to a lot of tax evasion and the government sees the ban on studio apartments as one way of preventing this. Another reason for the new law is the fact that this type of smaller accommodation isn’t suitable for Turkish families but rather, encourages a ‘bachelor lifestyle,’ according to state officials.

Recent surveys reveal that in 2010 there were a total of 1.14 million Turkish individuals living alone. That number has increased since 2002 when only 665,000 people were recorded as being a sole householder (an increase of 70 per cent).

Critics, of course, view the ban on studio apartments as a means of government control ie attempting to maintain a traditional family way of life. Not surprisingly it’s led to a lot of resentment amongst students and young people keen to have the independence of living on their own (one student claimed it was almost as if the government were attempting to force young people to marry in order that they’d be able to afford to buy a one or two bedroom home).

Government Sizes for New Apartments in Turkey

Under new laws, the building contractors must ensure that the living room in the new build being constructed is at least 12 square meters, that there is at least one bedroom measuring eight square metres, a kitchen of three square meters and a three square meter bathroom. The apartment must also be at least 27.5 square meters in total. Any apartments that don’t meet the sizes outlined in the legislation will not be suitable for renting out to holiday makers, businessmen or indeed any Turkish citizen.

Thinking of making Turkey a regular holiday destination and an investment at the same time? If you are considering buying a property for sale in Fethiye, Kalkan or some other Turkish coastal resort with the view to renting it out to tourists for several months of the year then we’d be happy to have a chat with you here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey where we have been happily operating for a number of years.


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