Sell Your Property in Turkey Quicker

Have a Turkey property that you’re looking to sell on – for whatever reason? Then here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey not only can we do the marketing and advertising of that property for you, but we’ll also help you with some advice on what you can do yourself to make that sale far more imminent. For instance, consider the following:


Do you really want to sell in the first place? If you’re half-hearted about whether or not to sell up and return home to the UK or whichever European country to moved to Turkey from, then your potential buyers will pick up on this. No-one wants to go through with all the hassle and expense of laywers etc only to find the deal for their dream home falling at the large hurdle because you’ve decided to stay after all. Show any kind of non-commitment to selling and buyers won’t touch your Turkey property with a barge pole.

Put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes. What do they look like? Where are they from? What’s their main reasons for moving to Turkey? If you can answer some of these questions then you’re half way to selling your home. That’s because you can prepare your home to be exactly what they’re looking for.

For instance, if it’s a family who are moving then make the property family-friendly ie cosy and with plenty of soft furnishings. That’s because you want to enable them to be able to picture themselves already living in your property in Turkey – and they will if the inside of the home resembles their ideal home.

If, on the other hand, your potential buyer is an individual who is looking for a holiday home investment, or someone who has come to work in Turkey on a six month contract and has no plans to make the country their home, then get rid of any clutter and make the insides look as streamlined as possible.

Make sure the selling price is set correctly. What you sell your property for is something that the agent you’re using will advise on – but you don’t always have to take his or her suggestions as red. It’s your property that’s for sale, after all. That’s why, so you are completely 100 per cent happy with what your agent puts your property on at, you should do a bit of research for yourself.

Check out what other Turkey properties are selling for and how the amenities etc rate with what you’re offering. Take into account the local market where your property is selling too – are houses going quickly or taking an age to sell? If it’s the latter then be prepared to drop the value of your property a little if it’s a quick sale you’re after.

Get more Turkey property marketing and selling tips from the Oceanwide Properties website. Alternatively please don’t hesitate to call or email our staff for help. We have a multi-lingual property team and offices in both Turkey (the coastal region of Fethiye) and London.


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