Showing Your Home in the Best Light


When it comes to selling your property in Turkey – or anywhere else for that matter – showing off your home to its best possible advantage is obviously crucial. But here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we don’t just mean running around plumping up the cushions and pulling out the weeds from your flower beds when you know a potential buyer is imminent (although this is important too, of course).


No, what we mean is that in order to get that buyer to come to your door in the first place, you have to be able to make them want to spend a precious hour of their time coming to see your Turkey property. And the best way to do that is not just by listing all its amenities but – essentially – by photographing it in the best possible light (quite literally). And the Oceanwide Properties team is going to give you tips to do that right here:

Give Yourself Height
The best way to photograph a room is to do so from above ie stand on a chair and look across the room with the camera tilted downwards a fraction. This makes the room look slightly bigger than it is and means there’s more chance of the whole of the room getting in the photograph.

Add Some Interest
To give your photograph some dimension stand outside the door of the room and shoot the picture looking inwards through the door frame. This gives the viewer a better idea of the scale of the room.

Keep the Room Clear
Want to make a room appear cluttered? Then photograph it with people sitting on the sofa or leaning against a worktop. Why do that when you’ve already spent hours beforehand tidying up the entire house? It really doesn’t make sense to us. In other words, make sure the house is empty when you start snapping away with that camera of yours.

Show off Extras
If you have a beautiful view – whether a lovely well-tended garden or uninterrupted views of the ocean/green pastures etc – then let potential buyers see this in a photograph. Most Turkey properties have something special like this to show and many non-Turkish citizens are particularly focused on the garden and outdoors.

Get the Timing Right
No, we don’t just mean the camera shutter speed here, but rather the time of day. It’s important to photograph the outdoors of your property when the sun is just going down for instance. That way you’ll see more of it and it’ll still look warm and sunny.

For other ideas on photographing your property for sale, or for selling tips in general then take a look at our Oceanwide Properties website. Alternatively why not come in and meet the team at our office in Fethiye? We’ll be only too pleased to meet take down particulars of your property and discuss how we can help you both market and sell it.


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