Sounds of Turkey: Traditional and Modern Trends


If there is one thing Turkey is renowned for, it’s the colourful sounds and expressiveness of its music. Whether we talk traditional or modern day music trends, Turkish music has a list of genres that people from across the world love. If you are living in Turkey or planning on buying property in Turkey then choose your favourite among these local hits:


Classical Music

Classical Turkish music is one of the world’s greatest genres, alongside Western and Indian classical music. It has earned its place in the classical music world and this tradition is strongly maintained today. Many classical works have progressed to the point where they have became popular Turkish songs today.

Turkish Folk

A tradition in rural Turkey, Turkish folk music has hit the world by storm. Many young Turks have taken up Turkish folk music, giving it today a  leading commercial twist. Turkish folk music is still lovely to listen to, with the traditional saz still playing in of the popular songs.

Arabic Influence

With Turkey’s location as entry point to the Middle East, an Arabic influence in Turkish music was a given. This brought the all important flute sounds, something which Turkish music is still known for. Arabic music is unique in that it uses a different chromatic scale than traditional western music – hence the many in-between notes in traditional Arabic music. This can also be heard in traditional Turkish music.

Harem Music

Turkey is perhaps most famous for its harem music – including belly dancing. This dance music has its roots in the ancient Ottoman period, but is still popular today. Traditionally, this dance music was reserved for celebrations; both of the public variety and private harem occasions. Weddings, festivals and the like were always celebrated with harem music – and a sultan was almost always present to watch the entertainment.

Turkish Pop

The great pop heroes of this world also influenced Turkish pop – Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and so on. These early western pop icons were quickly absorbed in Turkey and many Turkish pop artists were inspired by the modern day music scene. Modern day Turkish pop has achieved one great key feature: it is not western pop, it is not Indian pop and it is not Arabic pop – it is distinctively Turkish. Today’s Turkish pop icons include the famous Sila, Sezen Aksu, Humeyra, and many more – pick your own favourite.

Music Festivals

The Turks are a jolly group of people and music is the best reason to have a lively festival. If you find yourself in Turkey, perhaps in search of property for sale in Turkey, Aspat Beach in Bodrum is the place to be on the 6th of June for the annual SunSplash Festival, for a mix of activities and entertainment by both local and international artists.

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