Spring Time in Turkey


Spring is fast approaching in Turkey and if you have been wondering what spring is like in this Mediterranean coastal country, the team here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey can happily fill you in. Spring is actually one of the country’s best seasons.


  • Official Spring season. The official spring season starts early April, and lasts until mid-June. Two and a half months of pure weather-related enjoyment. Many people consider this the best time of the year to visit Turkey, and we say it’s even a better time of the year to go hunt for property to buy in Turkey.
  • Understand the Turkish climate. Turkey is essentially divided into four climate regions. This greatly determines what kind of spring weather you can expect when visiting during this period. Eastern Turkey is known for its hot springs and summers, while the Mediterranean and Aegean coastal regions have milder seasons. Northern Turkey bordering the Black Sea is equally mild. Central Turkey is known for its harsh and dry summers, another reason why opting to visit during spring is a good decision, especially if you are planning to spend time in Istanbul.
  • High season. Spring in Turkey may be the country’s high season, but that is no reason to avoid hotspots such as Istanbul or the coastal regions. In fact, the coastal regions are more crowded during summer time, so you will be spared some crowds if you opt to visit during spring. As spring arrives, locals celebrate with festivals and open-air occasions, making this the ideal time to experience Turkey’s authentic culture while enjoying being able to mingle with the locals. Some hotels and local businesses do charge higher fees around this time of year, but it’s a good price to pay for local Turkish fun.
  • Expect some rain. The temperatures may be picking up quickly in Turkey, but spring usually does bring some much needed rain. This year has been a particularly dry one for Turkey, and although the locals and owners of property in Turkey are hoping for spring rains to wash away dust and bring relief to farmers, tourists and visitors are enjoying the dry days.
  • Pleasant day time temperatures. April is still mild and cool but it is already a lovely improvement when you compare it to winter in Europe. Day time temperatures in the Antalya region, for instance, will rise to 16°C in April, with clear blue skies all round. This is perfect weather for enjoying the still-quiet coastal resorts and beaches.

Whether you are planning a trip to Turkey to relax, go sightseeing or are hoping to find a good Turkish property deal, spring is the ideal time to do so. And if you are in need of Turkey property advice, do not hesitate to contact us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey as one of the leading estate agents in Kalkan or Antalya – we will gladly assist. And anyway, who knows – you might just find yourself a great deal this spring, while enjoying the pleasant weather, Turkish tulips and friendly locals.

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