Starting The Year In Calis


Starting The Year In Calis

Another 365 days gone and although some of the days seem to drag when we finally get to the end we realise just how fast the time has crept us on us and we are at a new January and ready to start again. Already Christmas and New Years eve seem like a while ago and now that all the decorations are down and packed away, we are ready for what 2023 has to offer.

    Here are a few of the highlights of our year.

In 2022 we had a few changes in the office, some new furniture and our new coffee stop where we have already shared some special times with clients and friends, our drone pics this year came out great and show just how big fethiye has become.

Although Sam Suleyman Akbay is now based full time in the UK and heading our Chelsea, London office, he popped over and spent time with the team in Turkey.

This year he also gained grandchild number 2 ….. Welcome to the world poppy.

We had a fabulous catch up in the summer with some of our clients who over the years we have been lucky to call friends.

And we have some amazing homes for sale in our portfolio that we know will be the perfect property in an amazing part of the world……. paradise.

This summer we were non stop and we are grateful for being able to be so successful, and at the end of the year it was time to unwind and relax a little, we had a lovely get together in the office for Christmas, where we shared time and laughter with more amazing friends.

We had a quiet news years eve, and managed a video call from UK with Sam Suleyman,

In Fethiye there are some amazing people who give their time and show there bravery (i couldnt do it) that brave the cold waters of the sea, the rules are to stay in the water for 5 minutes and everyone shoulders must be under the water, each person that goes in spends months previously getting sponsered to do this either for local childrens charities and also for the welfare of local animals. they do an amazing job hats off to them all.

The entire team at Oceanwide Properties wishes you all the very best for 2023 may you all have time with family and friends, may you laugh till you cry, and may you find precious moments of peace.




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