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Have you recently relocated to Turkey or are you buying property in Turkey? Chances are you will want to stay in contact with friends and family back home and with Turkey’s well-developed telecommunication systems, staying in contact shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s what to expect:

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  • Fixed phone lines. If you are planning on staying in a Turkey property for longer than purely a quick country-hop stay, then installing a fixed phone line is a good idea. Turk Telekom is the key supplier throughout Turkey and all main residential areas are serviced by the company. Connection and billing is straightforward. Contact Turk Telekom for installation at your property in Turkey and ask for monthly bills to be sent to your local address. Remember to have your passport and residence permit at hand for the installation. And for any connection or calling difficulties, Turk Telekom offers an international calling operator to assist.
  • Mobile. Using your existing mobile phone in Turkey should be fine, but you need to replace your existing mobile SIM card with a local Turkish SIM card. One benefit of using a local SIM card is local rates, meaning your mobile bill will be a whole lot cheaper. Turkey does require that all mobile phones are registered locally. Opt to make use of either Turkcell, Vodaphone or Avea’s mobile network services.
  • Internet. If you arrived in Turkey from the UK a few years ago, the level of Internet connectivity was much poorer than back home. But Internet connectivity in Turkey has developed well over the past few years and high quality Internet access is now freely available in most areas. Airports, restaurants and tourist hotspots all have access to free wi-fi, and for direct Internet access at your property in Turkey, contact any one of the various Internet service providers. Some of these include e-Kolay, Turkcell Superonline or But remember to shop around, as tariffs can differ between service providers.
  • The old school way. Perhaps you’ve relocated to Turkey to escape the hustle and bustle of modern-day life… and the high level of connectedness of our modern lifestyles? In that case, there is always the old-school way of keeping in contact with friends and family back home: the postal system. Turkey’s postal services are provided by PTT and you’ll find these agents in every city and town. Now we know that postal services are not entirely the fastest way of getting a message around, but you can always send some Turkish postcards to your friends and family back home.

Unless you are intending to settle in Ankara or Istanbul, the pace of life in Turkey is somewhat slower and relaxed – it’s Mediterranean style. But we all need to stay connected with work, business or family and Turkey’s telecommunications are easy to use. Telecommunications aside, if you need assistance with Turkey property, call on the Oceanwide Properties team for help and guidance. We have contacts throughout Turkey, including an estate agent in Kalkan, Fethiye and other areas.

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