Stress-free Holiday Rentals in Turkey


When it comes to renting out your Turkey property, here at Oceanwide Properties we’ve been in the market for more years than we care to remember now – but it’s taught us a thing or two about this competitive sector.

  • FAA_4861Keep your rental prices at a reasonable rate. Check out what other similar residences within your marketplace are offering. Don’t go below the market rate but don’t outprice yourself either – unless you’re prepared to add those little luxurious extras such as fresh flowers on arrival, a welcoming bottle of wine or a list of the best restaurants in town. It really is appreciated. And how long would that take, really?
  • Your own website isn’t necessarily going to cut it. No matter how great it looks and how many other local amenities you’ve highlighted on it when it comes down to it, leave it to the local experts to market your Turkey property. Most prospective holiday makers will be pro-active and contact local letting companies directly. You want to make sure your property is near the top of the list. Not only that but the Turkish letting companies really do know the buttons to push when it comes to publishing particular photographs.
  • Who do you have on hand to help out? If you’re going to be based in the UK then you aren’t going to much cop if (God forbid) there is a water leak in your property or the electrics suddenly don’t respond as they should. It’s always a good idea to have someone nearby in Turkey who, even if they can’t directly help out, can point your guests in the right direction so as not to spoil their holiday.
  • Keep it simple. By that we mean in terms of furnishings. No-one wants to come on holiday and worry about a tear in your beautiful soft skin leather sofa or knocking over those priceless antique ornaments you have on the side tables in the sitting room. No, your holiday guests want to feel comfortable and not worry about whether they spill some wine on a piece of fabric or trip up on that expensive looking rug in the living room. Holidays are supposed to be stress-free after all!

Here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we would always advise never leaving your holiday rental property to chance. Do yourself a favour and learn how to rent stress-free from the experts.


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