Supermarket Shopping in Fethiye

Once you’ve moved into your perfect property in Fethiye one of the first things you will need to do is some supermarket shopping and stock up the kitchen cupboards.

There are many supermarkets in the local area so we thought we’d give you a quick guide to what’s available.

The Popular Options for Supermarket Shopping

The biggest chain supermarket is Migros, which has been helping keep us fed and watered in Turkey since 1954. Outside most Migros stores you will see anything between one and three ‘M’s which indicates the size of that particular store. The smaller Migros Jets have also started appearing in recent years. Out of all the supermarket chains, Migros has the widest selection of goods and is a wise choice for a larger shopping trip.

The other common, but smaller, supermarkets are BIM, Şok, A101 and Carrefour. Whilst Carrefour also has a wide range of products the others deal more with your staple food requirements. Prices vary so it is always worth shopping around if you are keeping an eye on your budget.

And of course, there are also the privately owned corner shops – great places to nip to if you’ve forgotten something or have only got time to pop down the road to stock up. Many of these corner shops also carry your staple needs so it is always worth taking a look before heading to one of the more well-known ones.

Food Shopping in Fethiye

If you prefer to bulk buy you have a choice of going to Metro or Tespo Wholesalers. For both of these, you will need a membership card which you can pick up when you do your first shop.

A Taste Of Home

And if you start to crave a little taste of home there are various import shops dotted around the area, commonly referred to as Pork Shops, that sell imported goods such as Marmite, Yorkshire Tea Bags, Salad Cream, Weetabix etc.

Food Shopping in Fethiye

There are also daily fruit and veg markets all over the region, as well as fish markets, butchers and bakeries which we will be covering in future blogs.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of supermarkets and you may find other smaller chains on your doorsteps such as Melissa or Azda, but hopefully, this guide gives you enough options to try whilst you are settling in.

If you’d prefer to live in a central location with all these shopping options on your doorstep here are a couple of properties for sale that may appeal to you:

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