Taking a Walk Around the Peninsula

Taking a Walk Around the Peninsula

We may be busy Fethiye estate agents but we also like to take time out and discover our local area on foot.

The Peninsula, or Yarımada (half island), can easily be seen from Fethiye and Çalış. Look out to sea and you’ll spot it on your left, jutting out from the coastline. It is easy to recognise from the masts that sit at the top.

Most tourists only visit this area to go to one of the many fabulous beach clubs. However, locals can be seen sitting by the roadside at all times, enjoying the views and their friends’ company.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a few hours to spare and can walk around 12 kms easily it is definitely a trip you should add to your calendar. There are a few hills so you do need to have a reasonable level of fitness.

Getting to the Peninsula

You can get there on a Karagözler bus or hire a taxi. If you really want to push up the calorie count, you can walk there from Fethiye itself. However you decide to travel, you will pass through the hectic and bustling boat yard where boats are repaired and renewed in the winter season. You may even have to stop for a while whilst one of the boats gets put back in to the water.

The Walk Itself

We recommend that you follow the road round to the left and walk the Peninsula in a clockwise direction. This ensures that you get to see all the magnificent views without having to crane your neck. We can promise you’ll be getting your camera out pretty early on!

You’ll pass the entrances to many familiar sounding places such as Help Beach, Sea-Me Beach and Hillside Beach Club. You’ll also pass small, public bays so why not take a picnic and your swimming costume with you?

During the first part of the walk you’ll have views that seem to last forever as they disappear over the horizon. As you continue you’ll be able to see the entire length of Çalış beach. You’ll also spot the new all inclusive hotels that have sprung up over the last couple of years.

You’ll be able to gaze down on the exclusive Şövalye Adası (Knight Island) which can only be reached by boat. Many of the day boat tours include a stop here giving you plenty of time to wander through the small streets and study the remains of old buildings.

Conveniently there is an unused telegraph pole lying on the ground at this point which is a perfect spot to have a rest while you take in the breath-taking views.

Be Sensible

Just remember, if you do decide to take a walk in the summer months, make sure you wear a hat, put on sunscreen and take plenty of water and a snack. There are no shops on the Peninsula. Don’t attempt it in flipflops! And take a fully charged up mobile phone and the number of a taxi company just in case it is a little harder than you expected.

Other than that, enjoy yet another small area of our beautiful part of the world.

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