Taking Care of Your Pet in Fethiye

Taking care of your pet in Fethiye is now very easy to do.

Once you’ve purchased your dream property in Fethiye you may be thinking of bringing over your fur baby.

You will be able to give them the best healthcare plus best food and best life, and they can live the dream with you.

Veterinary Clinics

There are many established veterinary clinics locally plus new ones opening all the time.

Whether you need to ensure your pet gets their annual vaccinations or whether you are worried they are suffering from something serious, you will be able to find a vet that can help you.

Many of the clinics have staff with a good understanding of English if you are concerned about the language barrier.

Some of the veterinary clinics are now more like mini hospitals with MRI scanners, ultrasound equipment and much more.

If you speak to an animal-loving neighbour they will happily point you in the direction of their own favourite vet.

Pet Shops

You will want to ensure your pet gets the best of everything. For this, there are also many pet shops available to you.

Again they will have staff you can talk to in English and most will deliver larger items if you don’t have your own transport.

Pet Grooming

Most veterinary clinics offer grooming services. You can also find one or two local businesses who specialise in grooming and charge a very reasonable fee.


If you be interested in fostering we can put you in touch with a local animal charity. They will be able to give you guidance on animals (mostly cats or dogs) looking for a temporary home.

Below are a few properties available that have great outside spaces for your pets to play safely:


If you have any questions regarding the properties above please click here to contact Oceanwide Properties.


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