Tantalising Tastes of Turkish Cuisine


That moment you tasted authentic Turkish cuisine on genuine Turkish soil – you knew many of your once favourites dishes and tastes would be no more. Turkey is absolutely adored for its cuisine.

It’s easy to fall in love with Turkish cuisine, it is after all a mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian and traditional Ottoman and Balkan tastes and flavours. If you’ve recently bought property in Turkey and are planning on living here either permanently or temporarily, consider yourself lucky to be in a country of such delightful tastes and flavours.














And if you have not yet settled in Turkey but hope to do so in the future, do listen up as the team at Oceanwide Properties Turkey delight you with info about the best of Turkish cuisine:

Turkish soups
Do not be caught out believing that soup in Turkey is anywhere near close to what you get back home. In Turkey, soup has a whole different status and you will be pleasantly surprised by the varieties and flavours – seasonal or otherwise. Turkey is perhaps best known for its lentil soup, or mercimek corbasi. And, in fact, it’s not uncommon to final locals enjoying soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fethiye Favourite
If you are travelling through the beautiful Fethiye district or perhaps looking to buy property here, then there are a few Fethiye culinary secrets that you definitely should know about – one of which is Fethiye’s fresh fish market. Fethiye is one of Turkey’s undiscovered cuisine jewels and its fresh fish market is an absolute must. Here you can buy your own fish or seafood and have it prepared at one of the several restaurants surrounding the market. And all enjoyed in a good old coastal Turkish village style. Fethiye is also well known for its traditional baked pastries, and the best selections can be found in Fethiye’s rural villages.

World Famous Dolma
Turkish cuisine is especially loved for its dolma or dolmalar. Named after the Turkish word for “to be stuffed” dolmalar are essentially stuffed vegetable. Almost any type of vegetable is used – which is what makes this Turkish dish so versatile. Typical vegetables used include eggplant, peppers or zucchini and the dish is served warm or cold, depending on its filling. Usually meat is the deciding factor: if meat forms part of the stuffing, it is served warm. Meat-free dolma, on the other hand,  is served cold. People across the world are taking inspiration from Turkish’ dolma and are recreating this delight back home – you’ve probably sampled a UK-created version or two yourself, no doubt.

Turkey is regarded world-wide as an authentic culinary gem – essentially because it blends traditional and contemporary flavours and tastes so well. Visiting Turkey for its culinary experiences alone is time well spent, but of course there is so much more to see and experience too. If you find yourself looking to invest in a Turkish property then do contact Oceanwide Properties – the leading estate agent in Fethiye.

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