The Beautiful Breads of Turkey

The traditional food passions of the past are still alive today in modern-day Turkey, with Turks and ex pats alike seeking out any occasion whatsoever (however improbable) to feast in the delights of old-style Turkish cuisine. The Turks refined tastes and food preferences are notable in the wide selections of breads you’re able to buy in Turkey – whether in the supermarket, an artisan bakery or your local market stall. Here’s a list of some of our own favourite breads here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey:


Bakers and Bakeries

Whether you find yourself in cosmopolitan Istanbul or are taking a break from looking for a property for sale in Fethiye or some other coastal town, always check out the local bakeries (actually they won’t be difficult to find thanks to lovely bread-straight-out-the-oven smell). Breads are a staple in many of Turkey’s traditional meals which means you’ll never be short of a bakers – wherever you find yourself. And the best bit? They’ll all have their own traditional recipes for you to sample.

Simit for Breakfast or Tea

Simit is the traditional bread rings you find everywhere in Turkey. They are usually rolled  in sesame seeds, but not always. You’ll often find bakers walking along the streets selling these warm, fresh and tasty treats. A breakfast Simit usually comes with cheese or fruit preserves and tea.


This thin and flat softbread is popular throughout Turkey and surrounding Mediterranean countries. Locally, lavash is served with dips or used as wraps, with wholesome vegetarian fillings. The Turks have a very interesting way of preparing lavash dough – which includes slapping the dough against the hot walls of a woodfired clay oven. Lavash also bears cultural significance, as sharing lavash with your neighbours or friends is considered a token of goodwill and abundance.


So you may think you know pita bread, but prepare yourself for an entirely new experience once you find pide at a Turkish bakery. Tastily, this bread is usually prepared with toppings in a woodfired oven.  Find a quaint Turkish restaurant and ask for pide – it is usually served with bits of meat, peppers, onion, tomatoes and cheese. Pide is perfect for travellers who are looking for filling food that is also good value for money.

You can expect break to be served with bread during almost every meal of the day in Turkey, as well as finding it being presented as a snack in its own right with a cup of tea or coffee.

Meanwhile, whether you are visiting Turkey on holiday, looking for property for sale in Turkey or merely visiting the country en-route to some other destination, make a Turkish artisan bakery one of your first stops – you’ll be delighted you did.

If you happen to be in the country and looking for somewhere to live here, or even if you are seeking a marketing agent for your current Turkey property then please contact us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey where we’d be happy to advise you on the best way forward.


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