The Changing Face of Fethiye


fethiye-postcardviewsThose that have visited Fethiye recently can’t help but have noticed its recent facelift.

Ever since Fethiye Municipality announced plans to transform the town into a ‘Boutique City’, tourists and locals alike have seen the town’s aesthetic change and transform, and the values of property in Calis, Fethiye Town and its surrounding resorts rise steadily as a result.

The historic harbour town of Fethiye has always been a favoured tourist resort and trading centre. Located just 40 minutes’ drive from Dalaman Airport, to the rear of a pretty bay scattered with forest clad islands and mountains, it rightly deserves its reputation as a picture postcard location.

fethiye-centre5Many cynics originally snubbed Fethiye’s urban regeneration fearing it would be of little benefit to the town and may not be executed tastefully or in keeping with the historic feel of the area. Thankfully, most of these fears have been quashed. Despite initial building disruption, as many of the projects are now nearing an end, the millions spent to date have been spent wisely and for the benefit of the community.

The new Ugur Mumcu Park brings a new wave of investment to Fethiye

The new Ugur Mumcu Town Square, Fethiye

The new Ugur Mumcu Park, officially opened in October 2012, has been a hit. It provides locals with a well overdue town square and central highlight perfect for celebrations, demonstrations, as a meeting point or simply as a place to relax and enjoy time out in one of the many shaded seating areas or local cafes.

A colossal central paved square to the front of the Fethiye Culture Centre, it features many fountains, intricate topiary displays, children’s play parks and harbour side moorings.

Since the parks completion, Fethiye has attracted a higher numbers of tourists, and the subsequent press and media coverage has brought an influx of investors keen to purchase property in Fethiye before prices rise further. Dated hotels, businesses and buildings surrounding the park are now being restored and modernised, nipped and tucked into shape and aimed at the new wave of Turkish and foreign tourists.

New smart harbour-side cafes and stores line the promenade

Demand for residential and commercial town lets has shot up and a whole host of brand name retailers and international businesses are now setting up shop bringing with them needed new capital and interest in the area . On-going plans to excavate and tidy up the Fethiye Amphitheatre, located to the rear of the harbour side, are now underway, and the new bay side promenade leading to Calis is in its final stages.

Completion of the Fethiye Harbour Promenade set to raise prices of Property in Calis

As the impressive new Fethiye to Calis harbourside promenade reaches its third and final stage, we notice an increase in investment in Calis. The promenade is now two thirds complete and already a firm local feature. A modern, paved and palm lined walkway stretching all the way from the new Ugur Mumci Park in central Fethiye to Calis Beach, it is again promoting interest in the area, pushing local property prices up, and leaving Fethiye and Calis residents with a welcome lifestyle reward. This wide stretch of pathway already homes a wealth of popular international and traditional restaurants, bars and cafes. Busy throughout the year, the entire stretch, once simply overgrown wasteland, has been reclaimed and has earned itself the nickname ‘millionaires row’.

Calis to Fethiye promenade now in third phase of construction

Traditional houses, complexes, older apartments and boggy wasteland nearby attract premium prices and the value of new builds in the area rises substantially month by month. We envisage, once the walkway is complete later this year, the prices of property in Calis will follow suit and demand significantly more than is advertised at present. Calis is already undergoing modernisation. Many of the older, rundown hotels and residences are being restored and there are a number of luxury resorts springing up along the seafront. Residential new developments like Blue Green Residences, Calis are selling fast and rising quickly in value and agents including Oceanwide Properties are now tipping Calis as one of the hot investment regions in Fethiye.

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