The Cost of Living in Turkey

Our below examples focus on someones cost of living in the Mediterranean coast in the Fethiye region. These are average prices and costs will vary from person to person depending on lifestyle and consumption.

Costs are given in the Great British Pound using an exchange rate  1 GBP to  7 Turkish Lira .

Property to buy :  Prices in Fethiye are starting from 50.000 GBP for a 2 bedroom apartment or 100.000 GBP for a villa . Choose from resale furnished homes , new build key ready , off plan ,land and build.

Property maintenance fees :  If you are living on a complex then there are fees towards to maintaining of shared facilities on your site such as the swimming pool, gardens, hallway lights, electricity etc. The cost varies as to how many properties are on the site and paying for the services received. Yearly expect to pay from 300 GBP upwards.

If you have a detached villa the costs would depend on how much you would want to maintain yourselves , if you did not do any of the uptake you can expect to pay 1.000 GBP a year for garden and swimming pool care.

Property insurance : DASK which is Earthquake insurance is compulsory , the cost depends on the square meter of your property . For a 2 bedroom apartment – 50.00 GBP will insure your property for earthquake, fire and contents.

Healthcare and Residency permits : Anyone younger than 65 needs health insurance. The government SGK scheme is 614 Turkish Lira per month for a single person or a married couple. Private insurance depends on the coverage and current health status.  If you are staying in Turkey for just 90 days out of 120 , use a tourist visa. To stay longer the resident permit is 75.00 GBP for the first year including administration fees.

Electric, water , council and Rubbish Tax : 800 GBP per year. Electric and water are billed monthly and read by meter usage. The local council will provide figures for your yearly council and rubbish Tax depending on your area . (Should you wish to sell your property , any council debt should be cleared first)

Internet : 15.00 GBP per month will provide you with unlimited supply with companies such as TTNET .

Food Shopping :  At the local weekly fruit and vegetable markets 10.00GBP is more than ample for two people . Red meats are more expensive therefore people tend to choose chicken around a pound per kilo . Milk around 50 pence , lots of wonderful fresh breads for 25 pence to 50 pence .

Socialising , drinking , smoking : Drinking and eating out is more expensive than at home expect to pay 20 GBP per person in a popular restaurant. A packet of cigarettes 2.00 GBP , A Efes beer is 2.50 GBP

We hope you found this cost of living information useful , if you are considering moving to Turkey and looking to buy a property in Fethiye please get in contact with us today  we are here to assist you in your search .


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