The Magic of Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey


Turkey has some of the world’s most unique natural features. These include the famous fairy chimneys, aqua waters, salt lakes and so much more. And what better way to experience all of this than from a floating balloon – giving you a bird’s view of the world slowly drifting by? If you are visiting Turkey either on holiday or to buy property for sale in Fethiye or any other coastal resort – and why not?! Then you may as well seek out these these amazing ballooning options while you’re there:

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The magic of seeing Turkey from the air


Seasonal Ballooning Availability
If a hot air balloon trip across the Cappadocian landscape sounds like your ideal adventure trip, then your luck is in – because you can do exactly that regardless of the time of year. Air balloon trips are up throughout the year at the Goreme National Park. This is a place like no other; experience this exceptional cultural landscape where once a civilisation lived – underground – before being driven out by active volcanoes. The landscape is rich with history. Ask your air balloon operator to show you all the hidden secrets of this secretive landscape. Although you will be able to book an air balloon trip at Goreme National Park throughout the year, those that know air ballooning in Turkey will tell you, the best time to do it is between April and October.

Exclusive Ballooning in Turkey
Although the price of an air balloon flight in Turkey may make some holiday goers think twice, you’ll get: an experience for an elite few, and a time you will no doubt cherish for the rest of your life. For photography enthusiasts or the romantic – be sure to book a Golden Hour flight to ensure you will experience the beauty of sunrise over the Turkish landscape. Look out for tour operators such as Goreme Balloons who provide world wide-acclaimed trips.

Special Occasion Balloon Flights
A typical air balloon flight takes around one hour. But, if you are looking for that little bit extra, find a tour operator such as Deluxe Balloon Tours who will give you an additional 30 minutes. And if small group privacy or a special couple edition is your idea of added luxury, then the tour operator will no doubt be able to come up with these options too.

The Cappadocia landscape has become synonymous with brightly coloured air balloons flying through its clouds and  against the backdrop of a barren yet historically significant landscape. Viewing such beautiful Turkey property and landscapes from the air may very well inspire you to talk to a Turkey property specialist. Therefore, why not contact us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey when you get the chance. Find out exactly how our multi-lingual team based in Fethiye but with outlying offices throughout Turkey, can help you find your dream property. Our extensive portfolio of Turkey properties is available to view from our offices in Turkey or London.


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